Hit the Streets With the Chaos Crew Slot and Score Big Time

You have never seen a game like this before and if you are looking to pick up a bit of extra street cred, the Chaos Crew slot will definitely be able to help. Jeans, sneakers and a backpack full of spray cans will go a long way in this game and it is a nice change of pace with its unique look.

We bet you didn’t know that spending time in a dark alleyway could get you a €250,000 max win? Well, it’s true and when you hit up the free spins, get ready for a multiplier spectacle that will blow your mind!

With all this in mind, it’s time to hit the streets!

It’s All in a Name

The neon 5 reels and 15 paylines really pop against the brick wall and there is no confusion in terms of the atmosphere Hacksaw Gaming is trying to set. With a name like the Chaos Crew slot, it’s clear you won’t be seeing reels covered in Disney princesses. You will on the other hand have your hands full with graffiti pieces like skulls, 8-balls, the cranky cat and much more.


Play Now

To be able to lure us into a dark alley, it would take something special and the €250,000 max win is definitely worth the risk. The 96.30% RTP and a 10,000x multiplier will make you feel safe and with a high volatility, you know there is money to be won.

Embrace the Feline Multiplier

Cranky Cat is the star and as the wild, whenever it shows up, it will reveal a mystery multiplier. Should there be more of them, don’t worry, they will simply multiply for an ever bigger win. In other words, afraid of cats or not, you may want to welcome this specific feline.

Let the Free Spins Roam Free

In order to find out what the free spins are all about, you need to stick 3 of the free spin symbols. You will start off with 3 spins and this count will happily reset every time you land a winning symbol. Until you hit a rough patch of 3 winless spins, you can keep spinning and keep winning!

Big Multiplier Bonanza

This is the way to the big bucks. During your free spins, you will see a multiplier sitting above each reel and as you play, land the right symbols and watch them grow like crazy.

Play Now

Slapping on one 20x multiplier after another is a great feeling and the wording on the grid may say no, but with the multipliers piling up all you want to scream is yes!

Here Is a Shortcut

If you are feeling a bit impatient and can’t be bothered to spin your way to the free spins, there is the option of using the buy feature. Cough up the 129x fee needed and you are on your way to multiplier heaven.

Don’t Threaten Us With a Good Time

The streets have an unparalleled authenticity to them and we want to thank the Chaos Crew slot for showing it off in a great way.

With the monster multipliers you can build during free spins, there is no question that’s where you want to be. Hey, don’t threaten us with a good time. We will see you there.