Cash Defense Slot: Like A Classic PlayStation Game!

I’ve played a lot of slots and written a lot of reviews – but this is the first time I, personally, have spent time with medieval monsters for money. And it wasn’t as weird as I imagined. Only a tad weird.

With Cash Defense slot, I was immediately intrigued by the Stranger Things Demogorgon-doppelganger aliens looking back at me from what seems to be the Middle Ages.

If you’ve watched Stranger Things, then you’ll know why this had my head turning. Demonic child-stealers taking a little vacation in colorful kingdoms isn’t what I expected. But it’s what I got.

And I’m pumped because this game is unique, and I love a good surprise!

Stranger themes, stranger spins, stranger things

I know I’ve been going on about the villains from Eleven’s stomping ground, but only one of the monsters here looks like he could have come from the glamorous and glorious Upside Down.

Don’t get me wrong, the rest of the monster-slash-aliens are fugly too. But they’re products of Relax Gaming‘s imagination – and what a bizarre imagination that is. I love it.

Well, this is what you get when you put medieval kingdoms and prehistoric alien dudes in the same slot… The chance to win up to €160,000.

It also offers a completely unique bonus round gameplay – think along the lines of PlayStation or your IOS’s Game Centre. You’re in for a treat.


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Defeat Alan and Steve for big wins

Alan and Steve are some of the aliens you’ll find in Cash Defense slot, along with Mentarch, Scynthra, Rhinax, Horax, Dropax, Bublax, Mantisa and Psykrona. You’ll be battling it out to defeat all these tentacle, pincer-paw peeps for epic rewards in the Tower Defense Feature.

Relax called this, the TD, and you can purchase it, or win it by landing 3 or more Bonus Symbols on the reels to trigger the Grand TD Bonus.

Basically, your towers will defend your castle from the invading enemies as they proceed with their violent march to mayhem – so you’ll need to choose the best setup for yourself, which you can do when the bonus game begins.

You’ll need to eliminate single enemies and groups of enemies, so your strategy is important. Enemies you defeat will award special features.


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The Grand Tower Defense Bonus

Triggering the Grand TD Bonus will also award you with Jumbo Spins once the Tower Defense battle has ended.

3 spins are given to you to try and make matching combinations in an effort to continue eliminating alien enemies for wins.

SuperSpinners will be in play, and these will have multipliers added to the win amount as per the value displayed on the SuperSpinner symbol.


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Think you’ll need your sword and shield?

If you’re an avid slot player who also enjoys the everyday thrill of video gaming, then Cash Defense slot will be a welcome game for you to try out.

It’s a little more complex than the rest, and has a medium to high volatility, as well as a 96.29% RTP, making it the perfect experience for a gamer with skill.

Ready to get rowdy with a bunch of Middle Ages monsters? Do it!