Roll the dice and start your adventure to riches in Jumanji slot!

A game for those who seek to find… a way to leave their world behind. Remember the phrase? They’re some of the last words said by Alan Parrish before being sucked into a board game for 26 years. But don’t worry, it won’t take you that long to strike it lucky in Jumanji slot. With all the thrill and excitement from the original film packed into one breathtaking slot, you’ll be submerged into a world of wild beasts and even wilder wins.

Are you ready to roll the dice? Be careful what you wish for dear friends, this untamed world is not for the faint-hearted. You’ll have to muster all the courage you have to move your way through this fearsome slot and make it out alive. Join us as we venture deep into the jungle to find the treasures in this fascinating slot from NetEnt Games.

Adventurers beware: Do not begin unless you intend to finish!

When you enter the slot you’ll immediately be overwhelmed with nostalgia. The game is set in the original living room from the first movie and the details are absolutely incredible. You’ll find 5 Reels surrounded by the map of the actual Jumanji board game from the movies.


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Reels 1 and 5 have 3 rows, reels 2 and 4 have 4 rows, and the center reel has 5 rows. Winning combinations are formed by landing 3 or more symbols on adjacent reels. There are 36 paylines to make this happen, but beware, some of these symbols bite, so don’t get too close to the screen.

Low-paying symbols are the royal values A, K, Q, and J. High-paying symbols are a pelican, crocodile, rhinoceros, and a lion – surely you can remember some of these animals from the movie. There is no symbol more fitting for this slot than a Wild, and this one will substitute for all other symbols except for the Scatter.

When the beasts come out to play your winning streak is underway

During the base game, one of 4 random features can be triggered. The low to medium volatility rating will see this happening quite often, so once again, beware! You’ll become well acquainted with the dangerous wins in Jumanji when this happens. Each feature is related to one of the crazy events that take place when the dice are rolled in the movie.

  • MONKEY MAYHEM – When this feature triggers during a spin, the reels will stop to award a payout as usual. Once you’ve been paid, the monkeys will swoop in and start rearranging all the symbols on the reels to form a guaranteed winning combination.
  • STICKY VINES – Here you can grab a few respins to maximize your wins – but don’t let the vines drag you into the game! When the vines emerge from the reels, they will become tangled around all symbols forming a winning combination on the reels, as well as all the Wild symbols on the screen. These symbols will then lock into place and the reels will respin to award more wins.


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  • MONSOON WILDS – This is a scary one! When this feature triggers randomly in the base game, crocodiles will start jumping out from the screen and land on the reels. When a crocodile lands on a reel, the entire reel will be covered in Wilds. You could expect up to 2 reels covered in Wilds and a whole lot of wins to go with them.
  • WILD STAMPEDE – When this feature triggers, a crash of rhinos will come stampeding over the reels adding 4 to 9 Wild symbols in random positions. Once they disappear, your payout will come stampeding into your credit meter and the action continues.

In the jungle you must wait… until the dice read five or eight!

The Scatter symbol is represented by the original Jumanji board game in its box. An iconic image indeed. When landing 3 or more of these symbols, you’ll unlock the Board Game feature where you’ll have the opportunity to roll the dice – just like the movies! 3 Scatters will award 6 rolls, 4 Scatter award 7 rolls, and 5 Scatters will award 8 dice rolls.

You’ll move across the board with every roll, landing on symbols that trigger special features including the random features from the base game. Land on the vines and you will be awarded 10 free spins with the Sticky Vines feature. Land on the crocodile feet and 7 free spins are yours with the Monsoon Wilds feature activated. The monkey feet will award 6 free spins with the Monkey Mayhem feature, and the rhino feet award 5 free spins with the Wild Stampede feature.


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If you manage to land on the question mark symbol, you’ll unlock the Mystery Feature which could randomly trigger one of the four free spins features, a credit win between 2x and 10x your bet, or 2 extra dice rolls.

Landing on the dice symbol will award an extra roll of the dice and there are also a few multiplier symbols on the board which could see you grabbing some big wins. Remember to blow your luck onto the dice before the roll, you might just get the 96.33% RTP to kick in and grant your wildest wishes.

Roll your way to the end!

Now you know your way through Jumanji slot – so get to it! There’s more action in this game than Dwayne Johnson has seen in his entire lifetime! Have fun while you challenge your wildest fears – we’ll see you again in 26 years!