Mobile Slots – The Key Questions Answered


Mobile slots are booming in popularity, but many people understandably have questions before they embark on a mobile slot experience at their casino of choice. We’ve put together an FAQ to help you get to grips with the difference between mobile slots and other online slot types, allowing you to take the plunge with a little more confidence.

Do I need to install an app to play mobile slots?

Some online casinos have a dedicated mobile app for you to download, while others, such as BitStarz, have websites optimized for mobile users. As long as you have a Wi-Fi/4G connection you can play mobile slots at browser-based online casinos or those with dedicated apps. If the casino uses an app, ensure you only download it from reputable app stores (e.g. Apple App Store for iPad slots and iPhone slots, Google Play for Android slots) to make sure you’re getting the real thing, ideally via the casino’s website. Don’t download any software files to install offline (e.g. apk files) unless you have antivirus software installed for extra protection, and even then it should be your last recourse. If the online casino has an in-browser platform, find it with your browser of choice and test out a few mobile slots to make sure they work as you’re used to.


Which devices are supported for mobile slots?

Browser-based casinos are device agnostic, meaning that as long as your device has the technical capabilities to play to the slot in question then it doesn’t matter what type it is. Any recently-released tablet or smartphone will be able to play browser-based slots, although some online casinos and developers will state minimum requirements for devices. Usually this comes in the form of software rather than hardware, so make sure you have the latest operating system installed on your device before you play. The best thing to do is to make sure you have a strong internet connection and just give it a try – if it doesn’t work smoothly, then look into the requirements to see where they problem might lie.

Apps are a little different, in that devices must have a minimum operating system to be able to install. If you can install the app then usually you’re good to go, although the power and quality of your device may have an impact on the smoothness of the play. Most developers only release apps for Android and Apple devices these days, so if you have a brand that connects to a different app store you may find yourself out of luck.

Is the tablet mobile slots experience the same as on a smartphone?

The tablet experience compared to the mobile experience is generally a superior one, barring a couple of factors. As you would expect, the bigger screen on a tablet makes for a more immersive experience, especially for slots with lots of animations and vivid colors, but this comes at the expense of portability – it’s convenient to whip out your phone in a spare five minutes and load up a slot, but doing the same with a tablet isn’t as easy. You also have to factor in the capabilities of each device – a brand new iPhone is going to give you a better experience than a battered old no-brand Chinese tablet. In summary, it’s a tradeoff between what you have and how you use it.

Can I access the same slots games on my mobile device that I do on my desktop?

As we mentioned earlier, the only real limitations on your gameplay experience on a mobile is with the device itself. Most browser-based casinos will allow you to play the same slots you enjoy on a desktop on your phone, although older or low-budget slots may use outdated technology such as flash, which is disabled in most contemporary browsers, both desktop and mobile. The general rule is that if you have a reasonably recent smartphone, then if it works on a desktop it will work on a laptop. Some app-based online casinos may restrict access to certain slots, such as those that use flash or other older technology, so if you can’t see your favorite game in the app it is probably because it isn’t suitable to run safely on your device.


Can I win real money playing mobile slots?

Although the screen may be smaller the payouts certainly shouldn’t be, with almost all casinos offering the same payout rates and jackpots to mobile players and desktop players. This is certainly true with browser-based casinos, whose slots are identical to the desktop version, whereas app-based casino slots are different from the desktop version by virtue of the different technology required to operate them. Nevertheless, as the games still come from the same provider and run on the same server, there should be no difference in the payouts. If you do see a difference, raise it with the casino or play elsewhere. Generally speaking, casinos that let you try desktop slots for free, like bitstarz, will also let you try mobile slots for free – especially browser-based mobile casino sites. if you’re in any doubt however, make sure you check first as it’s important to make sure everything works as you expect before you deposit any money.

Can I deposit from my mobile slot app?

A good online casino will offer you the same functionality regardless of how you play. You should have the ability to deposit, play, and withdraw on a mobile just as you do on a desktop, and with the array of payment options available these days it shouldn’t be any harder on one device than another. Browser-based online casinos will use the exact same process for mobile users as desktop users, while app users may find some small differences, but it shouldn’t be any harder. If depositing or withdrawing on a mobile is harder than the desktop version of the casino, consider your options.


Do I need a separate account? Or does the same account work just fine?

There should be no need to create a new account when playing mobile slots as your account should be active across all mediums – desktop, tablet, and mobile. You will need to sign in on each device (don’t forget to sign out when you leave), but they should all link to the one account, meaning you have access to your funds no matter what device you’re playing on.

Spin and Win on the Go!

Mobile slots are a natural evolution from computer-based slots as the capabilities of devices improves and developers find better ways to optimize slots for them. At BitStarz we’re ahead of the game thanks to our fully mobile-optimized site which means you can enjoy the same experience on a mobile as on a desktop or tablet device. New players are treated just the same way no matter how they play with us, with our deposit bonus in effect across all device types, allowing them to play all manner of mobile slots and enjoy the same winnings on their device of choice.

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