More Epic Promotions are Just Around the Corner!

It’s always a sad moment when promotions come to an end, and this week saw the end of the Christmas Level Up Adventure. We saw record numbers of players taking part, and more bonus prize money being won than ever before. So, before you start getting sad and feeling lost, it’s time to give you a few hints about the epic promotions that are just around the corner – literally just around the corner too!

Are you ready? Let’s give you some juicy hints and tips to see if you can guess what we’ve got in store for you!

Get Ready to Explore the Universe

Hopefully we haven’t given away too much from that subheading, and if we have, sorry marketing team. With the Christmas Level Up Adventure all wrapped up, it’s time for us to launch our next big promotion. Hopefully you’ve managed to twig the theme from the clue we gave you, but if not, we’ll give you one more. You’re going to meet lots of different creatures and life forms from other worlds. Ok, that’s enough hints and tips for now. Get ready to scoop up an absolute fortune in bonuses, win a ton of goodies and an out of this world trip!

giphy (1)

Two Promotions are Getting Juiced!

Athletes might not be able to get juiced because of anti-doping laws, but that doesn’t mean our epic promotions can’t get juiced. That’s right, two long running promotions are currently busy hitting the gym and taking more steroids than you can possibly imagine. Your two favorite weekly promotions are about to make a fresh appearance with an almighty bang. The rules are remaining the same, but the prizes on offer have been pumped up to dish out more cash than ever before. The first one drops late next week, with the second coming one week later – so stay tuned!


Did Someone Say New Year?

If you’ve got a sharp mind, you will know that following western new year is Chinese New Year. Now, what sort of online casino would we be if we didn’t use this amazing event as the perfect time to dish out loads of bonuses, prizes and cash to you, our loyal players. We can’t say too much more or the marketing team really will be angry with us, but what we can say is that it’s going to be epic. Make sure you stay tuned to the BitStarz blog to get the latest info and all the tips and tricks you need to win big!

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There you have it, these are just a few of the promotions waiting for you in the next few weeks here at BitStarz. Hopefully we haven’t ruined too many surprises with these tidbits, and if we have, sorry not sorry!