Turn Any Slot into a High Paying Monster with This Strategy!

Playing slots is an exciting and wild time, full of highs and lows. But, what if we told you that there’s a way to do away with the lows and live in the high times? A way to “cheat” the slots and win crazy amounts of cash with very small combos?

If that sounds like the most exciting slot strategy ever, then you’re going to want to read on. Today, we’re going to teach you all about the Single Line strategy and how you can use it to rack up some of the biggest wins you’ve ever seen!

Let’s begin!

Adjust the Settings Carefully

The Single Line strategy has been around for decades, but it’s only really just starting to catch on at online casinos. It involves reducing the number of lines in play down to one, then cranking up your bet size. By reducing the lines to one, you can place a smaller stake to get the biggest wins. For example, in Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead, if you play at the max bet size with all 10 lines in play, you’re looking at a bet of €50 in order to get the biggest wins. However, on a single line, you only use €5 to get wins worth €50,000 – if you’re not good at math, you need a bet that’s 10 times the size to win €250,000, only 5 times more.


Pick Games Carefully

Once you’ve adjusted the settings, you need to pick your games. Now, you can play just about any game with this strategy, but if you really want to go to town with big wins, you’re going to want to focus on Pimped and Royal Masquerade. These two specific games allow you to trigger free spins mode outside of your single payline, and both of these games guarantee wins from every win in free spins mode.

Play Now

With only one payline active, you will get a win every spin on this single payline, and the wins will be bigger than if you played with more lines. By playing a single line at the max bet, you can pick up a 20x multiplier from a three-symbol combo. But the best part is that you can get two more free spins for landing one more scatter anywhere on the reels!

It’s All About the Free Spins

In case you didn’t pick up on it, the crux of this strategy lays in playing free spins. In free spins mode this strategy really comes into its own, giving you guaranteed wins on every spin and playing at the max bet for 1 payline gives you an even better chance of winning €50,000 – not bad for a €5 bet. Then the fact you can get two extra spins from each scatter you find on the reels simply makes these two slots even better for this trick.


There you have it. The Single Line strategy gives you the power to win a crazy amount of cash for a relatively small stake. It’s worth noting that it will turn any game to a high volatility game simply because of the lack of lines, meaning you could go some time before you strike a win. But, when you do find that win, it will be one huge win!

Do remember that this strategy will work on any slot. Pimped and Royal Masquerade are just the two best thanks to their free spins mode.