Raging Dragons Slot Is Waiting for You With Fire-Breathing Reels

At the top of the highest, most wintery peaks of China, is where the Raging Dragons slot will hold court. Only the toughest will survive in this treacherous terrain and if you are looking to make some extra cash by dominating the reels of iSoftBet’s latest release, you better bring your A-game.

If you can outsmart the fire-breathing beasts, the €72,900 max win will hardly be the only thing you will be winning. Instant cash prizes, wild multipliers and free spins that include the Mystery Choice may even have you consider getting yourself a lucky pet dragon.

So, are you sure you are ready to dance with the Raging Dragons?

Plenty of Action

We tip our hat to the graphics and there is plenty of action to take part in on the 5 reels and 243 paylines. You can almost feel the history of ancient China following your every move as you work your way through one winning combination after another.


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The dragons are protecting the €72,900 max win to the best of their ability but with a 96.00% RTP and high volatility, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to sneak in and take it.

Indulge in Fortune Spins

At random, any spin can result in a Fortune Spin. If you look at your top right corner you can see the traditional red envelopes and just like in China, this means instant cash.

Since number 8 is considered lucky, it’s all over these envelopes. You will have the fortune of getting up to 8.888x your stake in one single payout. Nice!

How to Get Your Hands on Free Spins

If you plan to win a lot of money, your chances will obviously be a lot better if you manage to get free spins. First you need to make sure you land 3 or more of the glowing green orb, which will set you up to make an important decision.

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You get to decide what type of free spins you would want to play with. All of them are quite generous but since we all have different preferences, having a choice is always great news.

Take your pick from the following:

  • 10 Free Spins including 10x, 15x or 30x wild multiplier
  • 13 Free Spins including 8x, 10x or 15x wild multiplier
  • 15 Free Spins including 5x, 8x or 10x wild multiplier
  • 20 Free Spins including 3x, 5x or 8x wild multiplier
  • 25 Free Spins including 2x, 3x or 5x wild multiplier

There is one more option, known as the Mystery Choice. This means that you can end up with any of the other combinations. If you were to max out the Mystery Choice, you can even get 25 free spins with up to 30x multipliers!

We Understand Why

Now that you know a bit more about what’s going on behind the scenes in this game, you can understand why the dragons are raging. iSoftBet is giving away their money!

All jokes aside, this is a great game and with an opportunity to make this kind of dough, players will line up to play. Take a shot at it and make sure you are off to a great start in the new year!