It’s a Dog-Eat-Dog World in Canine Carnage Slot

When the time of man comes to an end, dogs will evolve to become the dominant species on the planet. In the carnage that is left, a dog-eat-dog world will arise to fill the void left by polite society. This is Mad Max: The Rise of the Dogs. It’s a great pitch, right?

Well, that’s the pitch Play’n GO seems to have gone with its new Canine Carnage slot.

Barking good wins

Once you’ve got a good look at all the amazing graphics packed into Canine Carnage slot, you’ll need to know how to start grabbing those wins.


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Golden bone symbols offer instant cash prizes when paired with a bulldog collect symbol during the same spin. In addition to appearing on the reels with a spin, three to six golden bone symbols can also be thrown onto the reels on a random spin.

The slot’s wild symbols will, like most other slots’ wild symbols, substitute for other symbols to complete winning combinations. The Canine Carnage slot wild also has another feature, however. When one of these wilds appears on the reels, it will split all symbols to the right of it in the same row into two. This increases the slot’s ways to win up to a maximum of 24,8832 ways to win. Multipliers, gas can scatters, and bulldog collect symbols cannot be split.

Multiplier symbols can also appear on the reels. These symbols will multiply any winnings from that particular spin by the displayed value.


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The appearance of three or more gas can scatter symbols on the reels will trigger a round of Bone Spins. During this free spinsesque feature, most of the slot’s symbols are removed from the reels with only golden bone, bulldog collect, multiplier, and splitter symbols appearing on the reels.

Is Canine Carnage slot wild or weak?

The graphics are amazing! If nothing else, I would recommend Canine Carnage slot for the graphics alone. Luckily, there is also so much more. The slot has some great bonus features, engaging animations, and just downright fun gameplay. I don’t know who thought a dog-themed Mad Max take was a good idea, but that person needs a beer and promotion!

The slot offers medium volatility ensuring a nice balance between consistent wins and big wins. It also has a healthy 96.2% RTP that ensures a solid return for those with the balance to stick around. The max multiplier is a little low at just 3,000x but all in all, Canine Carnage slot has a solid base.

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