Ride ‘Em On Down to Sticky Bandits Trail of Blood Slot

Yee-haw partner, welcome to the Wild West. Yes, you guessed it. There’s another cowboy-themed slot game. I know, you’re shocked. Then there’s the name. Quickspin has decided to call it Sticky Bandits Trail of Blood slot. It sounds like the story of a group of serial masturbators who got a little too close to something sharp. Now that you’ve crossed your legs thinking about that, let’s see if the slot is any good.

The fastest reels in the West

In the lawless Wild West, you can’t count on the law. All you’ve got is your wits and that spin button. So, let’s see whose finger is fastest in Sticky Bandits Trail of Blood slot.


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The base game is a little short on bonus features. The only element of note is a set of five wilds that will substitute for all other symbols to complete winning combinations. Besides the different characters that are featured on the wild symbols, they are otherwise identical with no additional special features.

With the appearance of three or more wild symbols, you’ll unlock a round of up to 15 Revenge Free Spins. Once you do, all wild symbols that you used to unlock the round will be locked in place for the duration of the spins. Additionally, any other wilds that appear on the reels during a round of free spins will also be locked in place. If you manage to fill one of the slot’s ten paylines with locked wilds, you’ll be awarded 300x your bet per locked line on each and every Revenge Free Spin that remains.

If you’re looking to bypass the pesky trigger requirements for a round of Revenge Free Spins, you can choose to buy a bonus. The feature gives you the option to buy a three-wild trigger or a five-wild trigger at 100x and 400x your bet respectively. This feature may, however, not be available in all countries. So, if you’re wondering why there is no buy bonus feature, you may just be one of the unlucky few.

Did Sticky Bandits Trail of Blood slot hit the bullseye?

I want to like Sticky Bandits Trail of Blood slot, I really do. There’s a problem, though. The slot doesn’t feel like Quickspin. It feels like a copy of a Nolimit City slot like Tombstone R.I.P or True Grit Redemption. This isn’t in itself a bad thing. Those are great games. The problem is that because the Quickspin team doesn’t have the same freedom or sensibility as their counterparts at Nolimit City, they don’t take the same creative risks. As a result, Sticky Bandits Trail of blood slot just feels like a cheap imitation with all the absurdist fun pulled out of it.


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Now, I get this criticism probably means nothing to the average slot player. I have played 1,000s of games and as such, I have those references. So, this definitely shouldn’t be a reason to avoid this one. In general, the slot has some really well-executed graphics and the Revenge Free Spins are a fun bonus feature. But, if you’re expecting something like Tombstone R.I.P, it’s probably best to give this one a skip.

The slot does have high volatility which means you may have to wait longer than you’d prefer between wins. However, with the buy bonus feature and an impressive 17,280x max multiplier that gives you a shot at a big win of €172,800, the slot’s high volatility becomes significantly more bearable.

If you’re looking for a few other Quickspin slots to take aim at, I recommend giving Slugger Time or Skulls Up a try. Both slots feature interesting graphics and engaging bonus features.