Ride to Riches in Let it Ride Today!

Let it ride made its debut in the nineties and is still soaring in popularity amongst online gamers today. Playing with similar card scoring rules to poker, all you have to do is gamble your bets on landing a winning hand. Let it ride gives you the ability to save yourself money on losing hands by pulling and removing chips from the table. It’s a truly unique experience where you can land yourself a huge jackpot – if you play your cards right.

Three Times the Bet, Three Times the Win

Whenever you place a bet at the start of a hand, you actually need triple the value. You place one bet on the flop, one on fourth street/turn, and a third on the river. Before each turn of the next card, you are given the option to let that bet ride, or pull it back to your bankroll based on whether you think you will win or not. This unique feature gives you the ability to go to town and clean out the casino or play it safe and protect your winnings – the choice is yours.

Protect Your Bankroll by Pulling

When you place your bets, you’re actually placing three bets. You have two moves and on each time you can pick to let your bet ride – hence the name of the game – or you can opt to pull it back. If you let it ride it means you’re confident that you have a good hand and will win. If your hand is weak you can opt to pull a bet off the table and preserve your bank roll for later on. Be warned, the fourth street/turn and the river could be great cards giving you the perfect hand.

Think About the Five Card Bonus

If you get the chance to play the five-card bonus, think twice. The house edge rises massively when you play this bet – in short, it’s a tough wager. While the payoffs are much better than a regular hand, the chances of landing this bet are miniature. Unless you’re counting cards and are 100% sure that the bet will pay off, have a think before placing it.

Play your cards right and pull back at the right moment, and you can quickly make a very decent profit in this game. What’s also great is that every time you place a bet on let it ride you will automatically be entered into our Table Wars promotion for a chance of winning €1,000 weekly. Although, if you want to get rich quick and make some seriously fast cash, Jacks or Better Double Up could be a better game option – just a final thought.