Rock the Jungle and Play an Encore in Banana Rock Slot!


Ever wanted to be in a band, tour the world and live the life of a rock star? Well, now is your chance. Pick up your instrument and join in with the monkeys to play epic tunes and get the crowd on their feet. Your adoring fans will cheer you on and call for an encore, so spin those reels and give the crowd what they want – epic tunes!

Rockin’ Wins

Banana Rock Slot is the most hip and happening game at BitStarz, and it’s obvious why – the big wins, of course. Team up with the band to wow the crowd and earn a whopping 4,000 coins for a successful gig. If you can get the crowd so excited they demand an encore from free spins mode, you can win a truly rock and roll sum of 2,500x your original stake. That’s enough moolah to buy Graceland and live like Elvis, so pick up your instrument and play like you’ve never played before – the crowd is waiting!

Monkeying Around for Free Spins

Collect 2 scatter symbols to trigger free spins mode and be transported onto the main stage as the headliners for the gig. Here, you can collect juicy wins and landing more scatters will earn you more free spins. If you land a full stack of a band member on a reel, the multiplier will be increased by 1x, giving you a bigger overall multiplier at the end. Once you’ve run out of free spins, the crowd will demand an encore – now is your chance to shine. All of the multipliers from the band members are totted up and the reels will spin in slow-mo. Your final win from encore mode will be multiplied by the total multiplier accrued from the free spins mode – giving you the chance to win huge stacks of cash!

An Epic Soundtrack

If you ever wondered what it’s like to be in a band and play in front of a huge crowd, Banana Rock will help you understand. The upbeat rock music will get you dancing and pumped up for the biggest gig of your life, with the roaring crowd motivating you to bring home the bananas.

So, if you want to live life like the rock star you are, you’re going to want to head on over to Banana Rock and join the band. The wins are truly out of this world and could even help you become the next BitStarz millionaire. Good luck out there, the crowd are hoping for a big performance tonight!

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