Turn on the Charm for $70k in Prizes in the Lucky Gold – Level Up!

Why not trade your usual grind for some whimsical Irish shenanigans? Play our new Lucky Gold – Level Up, where a crisp $20,000 in cash waits at the end of this rainbow. And that’s just for starters.

Embark on a journey across 41 levels filled with the kinda magic you’d typically need to bribe a wizard for.

Think less toiling behind a desk and more frolicking in clover fields. And while you’re outsmarting crafty fairy folk, you’ll be filling your pockets with $50,000 in individual prizes – because who needs flutes when you can play with fortunes?

Strap in for this emerald adventure, and remember: you’ve got until 12 July 2024 to run off with your gold!

Don your greens

In the Lucky Gold – Level Up, everyone’s a wee bit Irish, and has their very own $70,000 prize to claim. So are you ready to turn on the charm for yours?

The map is so magical, ancient sorcerers are dusting off their spell books to see if they missed a page. Think cotton-candy clouds, rainbow arches, huge castles, colorful potions, and a pot of gold fit for a giant!

Your job is to move from level to level, collecting $50,000 worth of prizes and beefing up your leaderboard points to get to Level 41 – where a cold, hard $20,000 awaits.

How do you do it, you ask? A little fairy told me the secret, and I’ll happily let you in on it.


Here’s the charm

To get in on the Lucky Gold – Level Up leprechaun-led action, all you need to do is play your favorite BitStarz games and lay down those real money bets. Just a heads-up: bonus money bets won’t count towards your magical quest.

As you pass each level, fantastic rewards like Free Spins and Cash Bonuses will be bestowed upon you like blessings from a gnome on a caffeine high!

Fun, right? Well, you’re invited to join us and fill your boots with Level Up loot all while racking up the riches in the games you choose to play anyway. Sweet!

Let’s make some mischief and money!

There we have it folks; now you’re all prepped and ready to roll with the leprechauns in the Lucky Gold – Level Up at BitStarz!

We’re sure you don’t want to miss this full-blown Irish escapade where you’re not just chasing rainbows but a hefty $70,000 prize pool. Too cool!

So, grab your four-leaf clover, kick up your heels, and let’s make some mischief – and money – Lucky Gold style!