Saddle up and Let Your Guns Do the Talking in Bounty Raid Slot

Your reputation as a sharp-shooter has not gone unnoticed and Red Tiger Gaming is calling out all bounty hunters to join forces with the sheriff, trying to clean up the streets of the baddest outlaws, West of the Mississippi River. It’s time for justice in the Bounty Raid slot and the quicker you manage to lock up all the bad apples, the quicker you will get your hands on the bounty money. Does this sound like the kind of challenge you would be willing to sign up for? Cool, then you should keep reading.

As you lock up the bandits and throw away the key you can cash in on the €250,000 max win. You will have backup from the Wild brothers riding along with you, named Expanding and Locked.

Wanted Posters Everywhere

Your hunting grounds are limited to 5 reels and 10 paylines but the bandits have been spotted in the area so you shouldn’t have any problems finding them. To make it easier for you to spot them, their wanted posters will be plastered all over the reels. It’s a group of 5 bandits where the leader is the dad and lucky for you he is easy to spot with his full white beard and he also has the biggest bounty on his head, x50.


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How to Get the Bounty Hunter Feature

The Wild West is full of surprises so you need to be alert at all times and sleep with one eye open if you can manage. There is a female bounty hunter on the mission as well and she will have you covered. When she shows up on the middle reel, she will trigger the Bounty Hunter feature.

If any of the bandits are showing when this happens they will be locked in place and you will get a respin. Only bandits, blanks or gold coins are able to stick during the respin and if another bandit lands, it will also be locked and you will get another respin. The gold coin on the other hand is just as useful because the value of your locked bandits will increase, followed by another respin. The round will stop when nothing new sticks to the reels and all your money will be added up and given to you.

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There’s Already a Sheriff in Town

It’s the sheriff who runs this town and since he’s in charge, he can show up whenever and wherever. When he does, he will demand cash for all of the bandits that are on the reels so play nice and he shall reward you.

Let the Dust Settle and Reap the Benefits

As you lock up one bandit after the other, embrace the bounty that comes with it. It never hurts to have a pal like the sheriff so impress him with your glowing hot trigger finger.

For additional bounties, head over to Slot Wars and get what’s your out of the €5,000 up for grabs each and every week. You seem to be on a winning streak so it should be a walk in the park for you!