Heads are Rolling and Big Wins are Banking in Skulls Up Slot!

Pirates are pretty savage people. Hacking, slashing and pillaging their way around the world, these legendary humans have worked their way into the history books as some of the most fearsome people to have ever roamed the seven seas. But, this particular group of pirates has had an accident and has washed up on a deserted island. Can they survive?

Heads are definitely going to roll as they attempt to fix their boat, search for pirate booty and attempt to just generally survive. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the comedy and pirate action that ensues in Skulls Up Slot!

Catch the Skulls and Win Big Bucks!

Pirates love nothing more than making heads roll, so get your basket ready and try to catch as many as you possibly can. The graphics in Skulls Up are really neat, they add considerably to the atmosphere of the game, making it comical and funny. The soundtrack is a classical pirate jingle that will put a spring in your step as you prepare to walk the plank. With wilds and respins galore, you’re never too far away from your next big win moment!

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If you land a skull wild on the reels and it’s involved in a win, it will catch fire and unlock another patch of the top half of the reels, while granting you a respin in the process. This allows the reels to expand up to 1,944 paylines, giving you a pretty huge chance to win a ton of money. There’s a tasty max win of €XX which is amazing considering that Skulls Up is a high volatility slot with an RTP of 96.26%.

Flaming Free Spins are in the Chests!

If you’re stuck on a deserted island in pirate territory, of course you’re going to spend some time looking for buried pirate loot. If you manage to find three pirate chests on the reels in a single spin, you’ll be transported to the wonderful world of free spins. Each spin will give you the chance to land a wild skull, which will unlock a portion of the reels to expand those paylines. A few squares will have additional spins, so unlocking those will give you more spins to play with!

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Skulls Up is an action-packed video slot from Quickspin, and we know you’re going to love it. There is something exciting happening on virtually every spin, so be prepared for a ton of action to happen on these piratey reels!

Best of all, you’ll earn points towards the Pirate Gold Level Up Adventure in true pirate style with Skull Up. Be the first pirate to make it to level 41 and you will win a solid gold bar weighing 1kg – how cool is that!