Avoid Eye Contact With Medusa: The Curse of Athena Slot to Win

The ability to turn someone into stone just for making eye contact or looking at you the wrong way, would be a good skill to have at times, let’s be honest. However, the curse belongs to one person and one person only, Medusa.

The snake-haired temptress would be quite difficult to avoid looking at if she were to appear so fingers crossed, the Medusa: The Curse of Athena slot is as close as all of us will ever get. Together with Poseidon, they are making the most of their love story and nobody will benefit from it more than you!

Let Medusa go wild during Mini Reels and free spins and the gold will be flowing like her serpents.

You Would Never Be Able to Tell

Watching her lay peacefully above the 5 reels and 30 paylines, you would never be able to tell what hides within. The Garden of Eden setting is so calm and beautiful and far from the dark element we are used to seeing her in. If this is a good or bad sign, remains to be seen but hope is that last thing that dies in a man, so we choose to see it as positive.

We are glad to see it being a medium volatility game and with an average 95.29% RTP and a €82,500 max win, there is a nice amount of money to be made here. Especially if you are looking at the high €150 bet limit.


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Spin the Mini Reels

One of the more interesting and unusual features is the Mini Reels. Randomly on any given spin, 3 mini reels can appear above the others. The reels only contain Medusa and Poseidon symbols and if you land 3 of the same, things will happen.

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If you only get Medusa, she will blow a nice kiss and cause 3-5 random symbols to transform into her. Poseidon will turn 2-3 reels into A, J, Q or K symbols and give you a nice win, if you get 3 of him.

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Snake Filled Free Spins

Landing 3-5 scatters will trigger 10-20 free spins and set you up nicely for the bonus round. There will be a special meter above the reels that will slowly fill up, every time you land either Medusa or Poseidon.

When you reach certain levels, you will be rewarded with a cash prize, so keep an eye out for the extra cash. Just to be clear, these are on top of your regular winnings.

  • Level 12 = 3x your stake
  • Level 24 = 5x your stake
  • Level 37 = 10x your stake
  • Level 50 = 30x your stake

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Undeservingly Bad Reputation

We must say, it seems like Medusa’s bad reputation is no longer valid. Either she has matured, lost her powers or gone to anger management classes. For whatever reason, she is highly generous in this slot and makes up a dynamic due with Poseidon. Congrats to a job well done, PG Soft!