Saddle up and Race for €10,000 in Wild West Level up Adventure!

Wyatt Earp, Billy the Kid, Calamity Jane, Wild Bill Hickok and Jesse James are only a handful of the legends that paved the way for this very moment. We are calling on all of our BitStarz cowboys out there to be deputized in time to join the crazy race in Wild West Level Up Adventure – it’s going to be a wild one!

In this rootin’ tootin’ new promotion, every single player has an equal shot at the €10,000 cash main prize, plus €50,000 individual prize pools are up for grabs. If that doesn’t make you want to strap on your leather chaps and find the fastest horse this side of the Mississippi river, you may want to sit this one out.

Your Skills Will Come in Handy

Being a master on the horseback, a trigger happy sharp-shooter and having the ability to knock back a whiskey or two without blinking or swallowing your chewing tobacco are all important traits of a cowboy.

It remains to be seen if these skills will come in handy during the Wild West Level Up Adventure, but the least you can do is to throw on a Stetson cowboy hat and yell yee-haw as you scoop up win after win!

Keep Playing Your Favorite Games

A fierce race across 40 action-packed levels is what’s on the horizon and unless you want to be left behind in a cloud of dust, make sure you get off to a good start. There are no secret shortcuts, so the best way to keep up with the competition is to continue playing your favorite games.


Your journey will take you through a variety of places throughout the Wild West and will be tracked every step of the way. Keep an eye on your own progress as well as your rivals by checking in on the treasure-filled map.

Stay Tuned for Tips and News

As always, we will be dishing out tips and tricks along the way. Over the coming weeks we’ll post handy guides to help you level up faster, so make sure you stay tuned to the BitStarz blog.

Cash, Cash and More Cash

BitStarz Wild West Level Up Adventure is our second Level Up Adventure this year and it’s going to be just as wild as you can imagine.

Jam-packed with action from day one, you will be able to scoop up a €50,000 individual prize pool, as you ride and shoot your way through the 40 levels. Life as a cowboy is no picnic and if you want to get your hands on €10,000 in cold, hard cash, you better make sure you and your horse are the ones crossing the finish line at Level 40 first.

Join the Wild West Action Now

This is one showdown you don’t want to miss and taking part in the action is as easy as it gets.

Step 1 – Login (or register) at BitStarz.
Step 2 – Claim the super-generous Welcome Package if you haven’t already.
Step 3 – Play any game at BitStarz casino – don’t worry, we will automatically enter you into the Wild West Level Up Adventure so you won’t miss a second of the action.
Step 4 – Keep an eye on your progression bar to see how you’re doing and your current level.

The Winner Takes It All… Literally!

Eternal bragging rights are on the line and the €10,000 will only be handed out to the biggest, baddest cowboy known to man!

Will you choose to stay at home, spooning your pillow or will you get off your butt and conquer the West like a roughneck cowboy and get paid a ton of money? The choice is yours!