Time is Running out and Less Than 48 Hrs Remain of the Pirate Gold Level up Adventure

Less Than 48 Hrs Remain of the Pirate Gold Level up Adventure

Unless you are happy with your performance so far and feel that you have already reached your goal and can relax, perhaps you should ask yourself a few questions. Are you really giving it your all or can you do better? Is it time to call in sick from work and focus 100% of your time on your quest?

These are all fair questions because the clock is ticking, perhaps faster than ever before. As we all know, father time waits for nobody and less than 48 hours remain in one of our biggest promotions ever, the Pirate Gold Level Up Adventure.

A Fierce Battle for the Ages

An entire fleet of pirates are still battling it out and will continue to do so until the very end. Thanks to the epic 1kg gold reward that is waiting on the other side of the finish line at level 41, the race is fiercer than ever before.

With a market value of around €50,000 it comes as no surprise that the level of competition is higher than ever when there is gold on the line.

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Get Your Hands on the Prizes Before It’s Too Late

Pirates are known to be greedy but don’t worry, there are tons of prizes to get your hands on before you even get to the gold. How does €10,000 in cold hard cash, €50,000 in individual prizes and a whole bunch of the absolute latest in trendy BitStarz merchandise sound?

This may all sound fine and dandy to you, but don’t forget that time is running out and the race will be over before you can say scallywag, so hurry up!

It’s Never Too Late

If you feel that you are too far behind, think again. On these pirate infested waters it’s never too late to be victorious. There are plenty of tips out there if you are running out of steam and could really need a boost, so no time to pout. Get on it!

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The Reels on the Slots Go Round and Round

Keep spinning your favorite slots as they will give you the biggest boost and will count 100% towards your progress and will help you level up in no time, compared to table games which only count for 5%.

Last Chance to Dance

So, this is your last chance to get your pirate crew in order and become the baddest pirate in BitStarz history. The last 48 hours will fly by so there is zero time to waste if you have any plans of bagging additional wins and getting your hands on more awesome prizes.

Hang in there and we’ll see you at the finish line, pirate!