Medieval Winnings Await on the Royal High-Road Slot

Did you know that medieval knights often wore armor that weighed around 60-70 pounds? This armor consisted of multiple layers, including a chain mail shirt, padded garments, and a metal breastplate, helmet, and leg and arm protectors. Why bother with all that when you can gain a few pounds and have some natural protection?

This is almost certainly not what BGaming developers were thinking when they created Royal High-Road slot and its rotund protagonist, but I stand behind this origin story.

Are you ready to take the high road?

The slot has 25 paylines and the only base game feature is a wild symbol that will substitute for all other symbols apart from the scatter or gold coin symbols to complete winning combinations.


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A round of 10 free spins is triggered with the appearance of three or more scatter symbols on the reels. The free spins feature has a really fun reveal where a set of scary eyes in the darkness are revealed to just be from a friendly dragon knitting a sweater.

The slot’s respins feature is triggered with the appearance of six or more gold coin multiplier symbols on the reels. Once the bonus feature is triggered, the triggering multipliers will be frozen in place and the reels spun six times to give you the chance to add additional multipliers to the reels. Once your spins are completed, the multiplier will be added together and multiplied by your bet amount to calculate your winnings. There is also a +1 symbol that will award an additional respin and a collect symbol that will add all multiplier values displayed on the reels to itself.


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There’s even a little Easter egg. If you click on the dragon drawing just under the two buy bonus options, the knight will swish his sword. This is such a small detail, but it really adds to how fun and engaging the whole slot is. Taking about the two buy bonus options, the slot gives you the chance to either select to purchase a round of the slot’s free spins or respins bonus features.

Is the Royal High-Road slot newly paved or full of potholes?

Whimsical is the best word I can use to describe Royal High-Road slot. It’s a little oasis of whimsical perfection in a sea of slots that so often rely on generic themes and executions. It really is fantastic in so many aspects, from its sensational graphics and animations to some fun bonus mechanics and the surprising depth of the storytelling. I may even go so far as to say that this is the best game BGaming has ever produced.

It’s not all good, though. The very high volatility definitely does throw a bit of cold water on proceedings. However, you can select to utilize the buy bonus feature to fill the long periods between natural big wins. The slot’s 5,624x max multiplier certainly isn’t record-breaking, but it does allow you to chase up to €224,960 in winnings betting at the €40 a spin maximum. The slot has an RTP of 96.14%.

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