Slip into a winning streak with Cluster Slide slot

It seems that slot games are becoming more and more bizarre by the day – but in a good way. We like to see wacky themes combined with exceptional gameplay. Cluster Slide slot provides just that. This oddly-themed slot will have giggles coming from places you never knew existed. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be bursting out with laughter while sliding some serious bucks into your pocket.

Let’s enter the realm of these weird and way-out alien monsters to bring the reels to life with little eyes, teeth, and a whole lot of winning action in this hilarious slot from Elk Studio Games.

Monster Munch Madness!

This slot is played with clustered symbol wins. You will need to have 5 or more symbols connected vertically or horizontally to bag a winning cluster. Once your win is paid out, the symbols in the cluster will disappear and the remaining symbols will slide down to fill their positions as the reels are slightly tilted to the side.


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Some of the symbols on the reels look hairy, these symbols are the tiny monsters that award big wins. Once you have a winning cluster with these monsters, their faces will pop out as they vanish to create space for more wins. These little animations will certainly keep you entertained as you make your way to the incredible bonus game that awaits in this chucklesome slot.

At the top of the reels in the left corner, you will notice a meter with a “W”. All winning symbols will contribute to this meter as they disappear. When this meter is full, it will generate Feature Wild symbols. If you generate 5 Feature Wild symbols it will add a 5x multiplier to the total multiplier for the game.

Six Wilds for the wins!

The Wild symbol in the slot is a red block with a “W” on it. This Wild symbol will substitute for all others except the Bonus symbol and the Feature Wild symbols. There are 5 Feature Wild symbols that can be generated. Each one of these symbols has a unique feature that will be activated if the Feature Wild symbol is part of a winning cluster.

BIG Feature Wild

When this symbol makes part of a winning cluster, it will expand one random symbol to a 2×2 sized symbol in the cluster. This will increase the chances of winning and also create a bigger payout for the cluster.

RANDOM Feature Wild

This Wild symbol will replace 2-4 symbols in the cluster with regular Wild symbols. These can then make part of even more winning clusters!


This symbol will increase the multiplier by x1 every time it makes part of a winning cluster.

UPGRADING Feature Wild

This symbol will upgrade random lower-paying symbols to high-paying symbols in the winning cluster.

REMOVING Feature Wild

This Feature WIld symbol will remove all low-paying random symbols from the grid. When this happens, new symbols will then tumble down to fill the empty positions creating even more wins.

The bonus drops in to seal the deal!

Three Bonus symbols scattered on the reels will initiate the Wild Drops bonus game. You will then receive three free bonus drops with some exciting changes to the symbols. The first bonus drop will see the Bonus symbols on the reels transform into Wild symbols. It will then add three 1×1 sized Wild symbols to the reels which will result in a total of six Wild symbols for the spin.


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The second bonus drop will add two 2×2 Wild symbols to the reels for even bigger wins! Once you have collected all your incredible payouts it’s time for the third.

Here, only one Wild will be added to the reels. But this Wild symbol is 3x the size of any regular symbol and will assist the 96% RTP in this slot to slide your investment back in your direction with a major payout if it falls in a cluster.

Slide over to the winning side

The medium-high volatility could see you catching up with an incredible €400,000 max win if you stick it out with the €40 max bet. Use the six Feature Wild symbols to alter your fortunes with their unique abilities and see the payouts come rolling in without end. And there’s always room for more wins in the Wild Drops bonus game.

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