Dine on wobble-tastic wins in Jelly Boom slot!

Imagine taking some jelly, pushing a small firework into its center, and opening your mouth a few feet away to wait for the explosive goodness to be served up.

Despite the misleading name, the Jelly Boom slot from Evoplay has absolutely nothing to do with that likely dangerous mid-afternoon daydream. Instead, it’s a world of jelly. This cosmic fantasy imagines mountains, water, and all flora and fauna as delicious wobbly jelly.

Jelly as far as the eye can see

Let’s be honest, a world of jelly sounds like a glorious sticky mess! Although the world of Jelly Boom slot isn’t really what we had in mind when that thought struck, it is nonetheless amazing.


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The slot is beautifully illustrated and animated, and there isn’t a single inch of the slot that hasn’t been brought to life. And the characters that inhabit it are equally stunning. They’re like pre-getting-wet gremlins, but instead of fur, they’re jelly. They’re not static either. They grow and evolve as you win.

Let me see you shake that jelly

Now that you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and have found yourself in a world of jelly, you’re gonna need to know a few things. The first and most important of which is that Jelly Boom slot is all about the wilds. Each spin and every win will be in service of unlocking more and more wilds to complete jelly-tastic wins!


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The action kicks off after every win. The symbols involved in the winning combination will disappear, allowing symbols above it to fall into their place, giving you another chance to win.

Each time the symbols drop, those that disappear will be fed to the, for lack of a better term, jelly babies. After two drops, the first will evolve to its final form turning all others like it on the reels wild. Every two drops following that will evolve another jelly baby until all four are in their final form. If you manage to evolve all four, you’ll want to strap in for some big wins!

Big wins aren’t enough, though. We want HUGE wins! Well, you’ll need to look out for cosmic grapes for those wins. Grab three or more bunches of cosmic grapes, and you’ll unlock between 5 and 15 free spins.


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At the beginning of a round of free spins, you’ll get to spin the wheel of multipliers (not the official name, we just thought it sounded cool). The jelly baby that the wheel lands on will receive a multiplier based on the number of comic grapes you scored to unlock free spins. Additionally, during free spins, any cosmic grapes that pop up on the reels will be fed to a random jelly baby endowing it with its own multiplier powers. With all this multiplying and transforming into wilds, you’re in for some seriously delicious wins!

Is Jelly Boom slot good enough to eat?

This is definitely one for the clean-plate club. Jelly Boom slot’s illustrations and animations are delicious, the bonus features are simply delectable, and the €317,580 jackpot is to die for! Additionally, you get a 96.1% RTP rating and low to medium volatility on the side. That all adds up to one tasty meal!

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