Get Ready for Halloween With Joker Lanterns Slot and 4 Jackpots

It’s pumpkin season, ladies and gentlemen, and the Halloween countdown has begun as we are officially kicking in the door to October. The first game out of the Halloween gates is Kalamba and the jackpot hunting Joker Lanterns slot.

Filled with 4 monster jackpots on top of the €374,935 max win, these jackpot-o’-lanterns are carved and ready to go. All the tools you need are in the Multiplier Wilds, Hyperbet, Hyperbonus and free spins, so the road to success is wide open. The question is, will you take it and do you have what it takes to go all the way?

There is only one way to find out!

Make Sure You Have Room for the Big Wins

Yes, the game has the ingredients of a classic Las Vegas fruit machine but this baby is so much more and the 6 reels and 40 paylines are rocking spectacular graphics. With the spider working on his web in the corner as you spin and the overall spookiness, the touch of Halloween is real.

Your chances of making some good money are looking good. The 97.42% RTP together with the €37.50 bet limit and 10.025x multiplier will make your trigger finger tingle and your pockets will be clearing up space for the big wins. Keep in mind, it is a high volatility game.


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These Multipliers Are Wild

Who doesn’t like multiplier wilds? They will give your wins a nice boost and by selecting your bet level on the right side of the screen, you can secure wilds of up to x10!

Choose Your Hyberbet Level

In order to change the value of not only the multiplier wilds but also the amount of initial spins in the free spins rounds, you can use the Hyperbet Selector. Play around with it until you find what feels right for you.

Take your shot at one of the following:

  • Multiplier Wild x1 + 5 initial free spins
  • Multiplier Wild x3 + 8 initial free spins
  • Multiplier Wild x5 + 10 initial free spins
  • Multiplier Wild x10 + 12 initial free spins

Get Your Free Spins Rollin’

It’s not a wild guess that the bonus symbol is your key to the free spins. Landing 3 of them will trigger the feature and how many spins you will start off with depends completely on you and your selected Hyperbet level.

You can stack up on an additional 3 free spins for every 3 stars you collect during your free spins. In other words, keep stacking up the stars and you can spin until you’re sick of it.

Get Your Halloween Jackpot

Whether you prefer Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze, the equivalent jackpot is within reach. It all comes down to the number of jackpot symbols you can pull off.

  • 14+ Jackpot symbols = Platinum jackpot
  • 12+ Jackpot symbols = Gold jackpot
  • 9+ Jackpot symbols = Silver jackpot
  • 7+ Jackpot symbols = Bronze jackpot

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Get Rewarded Immediately With the Hyperbonus

Since it’s October and the month of Halloween, there are shortcuts to success. The Hyperbonus bet is there for a reason and only a click away.

Make your choice, pay the toll and you can enjoy the free spins in the blink of an eye.

Sweet, Sweet October

October is finally here and the highlight is of course Halloween. Witches, trolls, ghosts and most of all Halloween slots. With Joker Lanterns Slot we are off to a great start so hit the reels and get in there before everyone realizes what a little nugget this is.