Spend Bitcoin Pizza Day with Extra Cheesy Slots at BitStarz!1

Spend Bitcoin Pizza Day with Extra Cheesy Slots at BitStarz!

May 22nd was the day when Bitcoin met pizza, and neither has been the same since.

Bitcoin Pizza Day, where 10,000 bitcoins bought you not a Lamborghini, not a diamond-encrusted collar for your pug, but two Papa John’s pizzas.

Okay, yeah, back in the ancient times of 2010, 10,000 bitcoins were about as valuable as pocket lint. But fast forward to today, and those same coins could probably buy you a small country or at least a solid gold pizza cutter.

Let’s raise a slice to the absurdity of it all, and maybe, just maybe, reconsider our next crypto investment strategy. And what better way to do so than with some extra-cheesy slots at BitStarz?

Gimme the history

Bitcoin Pizza Day is an event that’s as tragic as it is magic in the annals of BTC history. Back in 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz made a move so wild, it’s still hard to swallow.

He traded 10,000 bitcoins, then valued at around a mere $41, for two Papa John’s pizzas. Yes: pizzas. Today, those pizzas would be worth over $700 million! Talk about a slice of financial regret.

But hey, let’s not dwell too much on the past. This purchase marked the first real-world use of Bitcoin, a huge occasion in the cryptocurrency world.

Bitcoin Pizza Day at BitStarz Casino

In honor of the two $350 million pizzas Hanyecz bought, we thought we’d put two fitting slots on the table for you, courtesy of Pragmatic Play, and their apparent love for pizza.


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First up we’ve got PIZZA! PIZZA? PIZZA! slot, which serves up wins of up to €360,000. The perfect game for a day like this – complete with the million-dollar toppings Papa John threw on, totally unaware of their weight in crypto gold.

This slot’s got more than just pizza; it dishes out Free Spins, has awesome features like the Pizza Boy and Super Pizza Boy, and heats things up with an ante bet.

This slot also has a high volatility, as well as a 96.04% RTP which you should know about before turning this dough into… dough! So buckle up, grab a slice, and spin those reels like you’re trading Satoshi for pepperoni.


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The next game we’ve set aside for you is Yum Yum Powerways slot. If you’d have spent an entire Manhattan Penthouse on something other than pizza, then how about chicken, burgers, and tacos? This slot has it all, and a max win of €400,000.

While we love a good $700 million pizza, save some room for the Wild Burgers and Powerways; because these are the heroes of this 96.43% RTP slot.

Yum Yum Powerways slot also has a high volatility, but you know, if the Bitcoin Pizza story is anything to go by, then big wins in this game are totally possible.

Spin into the unknown

Whether you’re spinning the reels or pondering the rollercoaster ride of the crypto market, Bitcoin Pizza Day is a wild celebration of the unpredictable.

It’s a reminder that in this world of digital currencies, every slice of Bitcoin Pizza tells a story – one of risk, innovation, and the sheer excitement of the unknown. Just like slot games, who knows what’s waiting in the next spin… It could be HUGE.

So, here’s to embracing the madness, savoring the adventure, and toasting to the future, where even the biggest dreams can become reality, especially at BitStarz!