Return to Olympus in Book of Demi Gods IV Slot

The ancient Greek gods were a horny bunch. Zeus himself would constantly be going down to Earth to find some human to seduce. When these women became pregnant, the children who were born from the union became demigods who were human beings with god-like powers.

Explore this gloriously sordid chapter of Ancient Greek mythology in Book of Demi Gods IV slot from ​​Spinomenal.

A new contender enters the pantheon of demigods

Book of Demi Gods is one of the longest-running online slot series ever. We’re not just talking about four slots either. The series also includes reloaded editions and even a few Christmas editions. And that’s before we even start talking about Spinomenal’s Book Of slot series, of which the Book of Demi Gods slot series is a small cog in the mammoth machine that spans several dozen titles. Needless to say, Book of Demi Gods IV could quite easily get lost in the crowd if it doesn’t feature something special.


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The graphics are not all that different from the rest of the Book of Demi Gods slot. They are reworked giving the characters a fresh look with a golden hue that surrounds each character and the background is unique. However, if you’ve played any of the other slots in the series, you probably struggle to tell them apart, and Book of Demi Gods IV slot isn’t going to help with that.

Despite it being a doppelganger of the other slots in the series, the graphics are still pretty fantastic. A lot of time and care has clearly gone into the character design. Plus, the desolate depiction of Olympus hints at a story that I wish had been expanded. A battle or apocalyptic event that devastated the home of the gods sounds like a story I would be interested in.

You are the One, Neo

Do you know that scene in The Matrix Reloaded where Neo fights the hordes of Agent Smith clones? Well, that’s how I felt when I looked at the Book of Demi Gods IV slot bonus features.

Just like every other Book of Demi Gods slot, Book of Demi Gods IV has two main bonus features. The first is Free Spins which are unlocked with the appearance of three or more golden book scatter symbols. Once the feature is triggered, a single reel slot is spun to decide what symbol will expand during free spins, which is the second major bonus feature.

Once the symbol has been selected, your round of free spins will begin. When the selected symbol is involved in a winning combination, all instances of it on the reels will expand to fill the entire reel. This gives you the chance to fill the entire reel with one symbol for a huge win!


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You could wait for free spins to be triggered the old-fashioned way or, you could just buy a round of free spins. The Book of Demi Gods slot series was one of the first to adopt this feature, and it has stuck around.

Is Book of Demi Gods IV slot heroic or in need of some more training?

There’s beating a dead horse, and then there’s what Spinomenal is doing with its Book of Demi Gods slot series. There just isn’t anything new. The graphics are always top-notch, but the bonus features are never updated or amended. The slots have remained virtually unchanged since the second was released in 2020. The original Book of Demi Gods slot was unique, but it is also not available anywhere as Spinomenal has discontinued support for the slot. All in all, I’m just not sure what the strategy is here.

However, if you’re looking for a slot with some great graphics, a solid RTP rating of 96.14%, and an average-ish max multiplier of 5,000x your bet, then you could definitely do worse than Book of Demi Gods IV slot.

If you’re looking for something unique, however, I recommend going a different route with something Bork the Berzerker or Xibalba, which are two of my personal favorites.