Superhuman Wins Await in New Book of Demi Gods II – Reloaded Slot

When one of the Greek gods was feeling a little frisky, he’d pop down to Earth and pick up a human woman at the local pub for a one-night stand. Eight months after the unprotected act, a baby would be born with unique abilities. This is how demigods are made.

Thankfully, Book of Demi Gods II – Reloaded slot from Spinomenal is more interested in the deeds of these ancient superheroes than the salacious details of their creation.

Look, this one is red!

Every year, car companies come out with new models of their most popular cars. Generally speaking, these cars are copies of the previous generation with slight improvements and styling upgrades. This allows the companies to profit from the hype of a new car without the need for costly research and development.

Now, we know what you’re thinking. And no, you haven’t got lost and found yourself on a car review site. When first exploring the new Book of Demi Gods II – Reloaded slot, we found ourselves comparing what Spinomenal had done to what car companies do every year.


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The slot is a near carbon copy of Book of Demi Gods II slot, apart from two minimal differences. The most obvious is that instead of an orange hue, the background now has a red hue. It’s the same background. It’s just a different color. The second difference is more significant, with the original slot’s ten paylines being reduced to just five.

More paylines are good, right?

Let’s start with the basics of paylines. Paylines are lines that stretch across the reels. If three or more of the same symbol land on a payline, you win. As a result, the more paylines a slot has, the more chances you have to win on each spin.

So, the more paylines, the better, right? Well, no. You have more chances to win, but you need to place an individual bet on each payline. So, if a slot has hundreds of paylines, the maximum bet will be significantly higher than if a slot had just five paylines. As a result, slots with fewer paylines offer less risk per spin to unlock the maximum jackpot.

Now, let’s get back to Book of Demi Gods II – Reloaded slot. Although the new slot has half the number of paylines, it still offers the same €250,000 jackpot. So, you’ll only need to bet €25 per spin, as opposed to €50, to have a shot at walking away with the same jackpot amount.

So, with fewer paylines, Demi Gods II – Reloaded slot is an improvement?

When choosing between Book of Demi Gods II – Reloaded slot and its predecessor, you need to decide what you’re looking to get out of your gameplay. If you’re not going to bet the maximum, and you’re just looking for small, consistent wins, then Book of Demi Gods II slot is your best option. However, if you’re looking to walk away with the €250,000 jackpot, then betting the maximum on Book of Demi Gods II – Reloaded slot is for you.

Book of Demi Gods II – Reloaded slot is one addition to the long-running Demi Gods slot series. If you’d like to try a few others, we recommend giving Demi Gods IV and Demi Gods II Expanded Edition a spin.