Uncover the Secret to Success on the Reels of Story of Egypt Slot

Believe it or not but there are still plenty of big treasures yet to be found in Egypt and both Gods and pharaohs from all generations are putting theirs on the line in the divine and very competitive Story of Egypt slot.

Money talks and these guys know it better than anyone. The €200,000 max win is just an appetizer of what’s to come as the payouts match their oversized egos. The game is loaded with special features like power spins, synced reels, win multiplier, free spins and a buy option, so there is lots of excitement all around.

Spinomenal’s latest game offers a ton of fun and a ton of cash. Get ready to witness an ego extravaganza like never before.

Find Out the Truth

Social media in ancient Egypt? We had no idea, but you are about to find out the truth as the selfies are all over the 6 reels and 50 paylines. It’s a battle of the big egos and regardless of the bombardment of headshots, this is a great looking game.

We mentioned the €200,000 max win which is a pretty good deal and if you throw in medium volatility, a 4.000x multiplier and a 96.30% RTP, there is definitely potential for a good payday!


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A Nice Selection of Modifiers

In order to make the most out of this game you need to keep an eye out for a few modifiers that can be of great help and the thing that gets you the divine status needed to join the others.

Win Multiplier – In the base game, the win multiplier can randomly kick in and give your win a boost of up to x4.

Synched Reels – At random, some of your reels may be synched. Reels 3-4, 3-5 or 2-5 may all be synched and can even show colossus symbols.

Power Reels – Some of your lower value symbols will be removed so that you can land bigger wins.

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Free Spins With a Twist

Check this out. You only need to land 2 bonus symbols (reel 1 and 6) in order to trigger the free spins and set yourself up with 10 spins. This will first take you to the Wheel of Features where you will spin to see what modifier will be added onto every free spin.

You can retrigger the free spins but you’ll have to settle for 2 of them. You will however get another chance at the Wheel of Features and this will result in an additional modifier or an upgraded one, depending on what you already have. The modifiers are the same as in the base game but more powerful.

Win Multiplier – You will get a multiplier of up to x4 on every single win.

Synched Reels – Reels 2-4 will be synched.

Power Reels – Up to 5 of the lowest paying symbols will be removed.

Extra Free Spins – This will get you an extra 5 spins on top of the 2 you already got.

As you can see, this is a pretty sweet deal and a massive opportunity to rack up the wins and make some real money!

Everything Is for Sale

After your first spin on the Wheel of Features, you will get an offer to buy another spin. Pay up and get an additional modifier or upgrade the one you have. You can even go for a third spin but the price will be higher.

Enjoy the Divine Powers

Despite the look of a photoshoot audition, we have to say this is a fantastic game. With the modifiers and the epic free spins, the money will come like the sand in Egypt.

Take a walk among the gods and enjoy the powers that can lead you to success!