Hunt for Riches Through Time and Space in Fortune Rewind Slot

Are you a fan of a good time travel movie? There are so many good ones. There’s Avengers: End Game, Hot Tub Time Machine, About Time, Idiocracy, The Lack House, 13 Going on 30, all the Terminator movies, and, of course, Time Machine and Back to the Future 1, 2 and 3. And now, we have a great time-traveling slot game!

Grab your nearest DeLorean, hot tub, toaster, phone booth, or inverted Möbius strip, and let’s travel back to winning ways in Fortune Rewind slot from Play’N Go.

Visit the past to hunt for wins

Once you jump into the time machine, there’s no telling if you’ll be thrown back into the past or pushed forward into the future. The only thing you know for sure is that it’s going to be one hell of a ride!

Any non-winning spin that includes a wild power cell symbol can trigger the Wild Rewind feature. Once triggered, you’ll be thrown back in time and the symbols around the wild power cell symbol will be spun again. Once the reels come to a stop, an additional wild power cell will be added. This will continue to occur until you hit a winning combination.


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On any winning spin, the Fast Forward feature can be triggered randomly. Once it is, you’ll be pushed into the future and all the symbols involved in the winning combination will be upgraded. The symbols around the winning combination will also be respun for a chance at an even bigger win.

If you managed to grab three or more time modulator scatter symbols, you’ll unlock a round of Time Warp Free Spins. Once triggered, you’ll see a single symbol pop out of the right side of the reels. This is the Wanted Symbol. As you warp through time during your round of Time Warp Free Spins, the Wanted Symbol will change. If you manage to grab a winning combination that includes the current Wanted Symbol, your win will be multiplied by the displayed multiplier. The size of your Wanted Symbol multiplier depends on how many scatter symbols you grabbed to unlock your round of free spins.

Is Fortune Rewind slot from the future?

Storytelling within a slot game is not easy. This is why so few game developers even try to pull it off. They simply rely on well-worn themes as the most basic storytelling device. Then we get something like Fortune Rewind slot from Play’N Go.

This slot completely changes the game. The opening cinematic sequence isn’t just there to look pretty. It introduces our main character, sets up the stakes, and even manages a time jump to move along the action. With this simply 20-second sequence, Play’N Go ensured that I was completely emotionally invested in the slot and I couldn’t wait to see how the story continued. And the slot didn’t disappoint on that front either. The story continues with the slot jumping through several different eras all of which are beautifully illustrated. The slot is just an incredible achievement and I think it sets a benchmark for great slot storytelling!


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The base mechanics of the slot don’t let the slot down either. Fortune Rewind slot has a healthy 96.27% RTP with an 8,500x max multiplier which gives you the chance to chase the €212,500 max win at €25 a spin. You can also push your bet per spin way down while having the chance to play for some impressive wins thanks to that max multiplier. The slot does have high volatility which does mean you’ll be waiting longer than you’d like between wins, but it’s a very small criticism of an otherwise great slot.

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