Swap Between Free Play and Real Play with Our New Toggle Feature!

Free play at online casinos is one of the most underused tools around, despite the fact it can change your game from losing cash to winning the mega jackpots. Free play allows you to practice your strategy and polish your skills on slots and table games without risking your own kitty. You can even try out the latest games in free play to learn the tricks of the trade before you play with your own money, increasing your chances of pulling off a big win.

So, to help you take advantage of this amazing feature, we’ve added a brand-new toggle button on games that lets you quickly and easily swap between free play and the primary currency on your account!

Toggling is Easier Than Buttering Toast

There are lots of options we could have gone for, but the gentle slide of a toggle felt much better – sorry if you don’t like toggles. This feature is now live on every game and lives at the top right-hand side of game frames, just outside of the play area. Simply click or slide the toggle from one side to the other to quickly switch between free play and real money play. The only games you won’t find it on are live dealer games as they don’t have a free play mode.

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Polish Up on Your Skills

If you love to play table games, free play needs to be a part of your daily strategy. When it comes to poker, the best advice anyone can give you is to research and test out your new strategy. If you test in free play, you can keep your money safe and secure while still testing out your new skills. Let it Ride is one of the most lucrative poker variants, but it can still be a tricky beast to master. Quickly toggling to free play will give you the chance to perfect your strategy and skills before you go ahead and play for real cash. After all, you do want to win big, right?

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So, next time you’re looking to play the latest game to launch, or want to test out a new strategy, hit the toggle button and play in free play mode – it’s quick and easy. As soon as you toggle, the game will quickly reload so don’t panic – it needs to load your fun balance. This brand-new toggle feature is just another mazing feature we’ve put in place to help you have a better time when playing your favorite games, so enjoy it!