Take Aim and Shoot Your Way to Wins in Wild Duel Slot

Movies make the cowboy life sound great. It’s all whiskey, gunfights, and long nights in a tent with Jake Gyllenhaal… I think I have that right. In reality, it was weeks without a bath, saddle rash, and death around every corner.

You can, however, enjoy the perils of a cowboy life without any of the risks when you play Wild Duel slot from Peter & Sons.

Peter and his offspring have done it again

I continue to be impressed with what Peter & Sons is doing. They are not only producing some of the best-looking slots in recent memory, but they’re also incredibly entertaining to play. And Wild Duel slot doesn’t break their run of great titles. If anything, it might just be their best yet.


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If you didn’t get the hint from my introduction, Wild Duel slot is centered around a cowboy theme. The action takes place in a small Old West town square. The reels are filled with hay bale, cow skull, and whiskey bottle symbols and are flanked by two sets of three playing cards. Once the duel feature is triggered, the playing cards disappear, revealing beautifully illustrated and animated cowgirls and cowboys that battle bandits for multiplier wild wins!

Are you ready to fight your way to wins?

The small town of Wild Duel slot is besieged by bandits, and it’s up to the marshals to make sure they regret putting on their boots this morning!

During any random non-winning base gameplay spin, there is a chance of triggering the wild placement feature. This feature will throw between one and five wild symbols onto the reels to complete winning combinations.


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With the appearance of two versus symbols, you’ll trigger the duel feature. Once triggered, the two sets of three cards flanking the reels will disappear, revealing a random number of marshals on the left and bandits on the right. A shootout will then commence. If the marshals defeat the bandits, they’ll throw wilds onto the reels, and a multiplier will be added to any winnings. Shootouts will continue to occur until the bandits win. In addition to standard single-spot wilds, you also have a chance to grab expanding wilds and sticky wilds during the duel feature.

If you’re looking for the big wins, however, you’ll need to grab three versus symbols to trigger a round of ten free spins. Once triggered, you’ll get ten rounds of the duel feature, whether the marshals win or lose. Additionally, during free spins the random multiplier will be bumped up in value for a shot at the big money.

Is Wild Duel slot a straight shooter?

Earlier this week, I said that Mystery Museum slot was my favorite slot of 2022 thus far. I had not expected that just days later, it would be surpassed.

Wild Duel slot is great, like really great. The graphics and animations are fantastic, the bonus features fun, and with a 10,000x max multiplier, there is a fortune to be won along the way. If I was going to narrow it down to one element, though, it would be the base game bonus features. Too many slots these days offer amazing free spins and bonus round features, but all but no features in the base game. Wild Duel slot offers a number of little base game features that make the periods between triggering those main bonus features significantly more entertaining.

Wild Duel slot is the latest title from Peter & Sons in a line of greats. If you’re looking for a few others, I recommend giving Xibalba or Hammer of Gods a try.