Solve the Riddle of the Mystery Museum Slot

The ancient world is filled with mystery. Who built the pyramids, how the druids constructed Stonehenge, and how the Nazca Lines were created are but a few of my favorites. This unending need to understand our past is where we kick off this adventure.

Grab your torch and take a sneaky night tour of ancient wonders in Mystery Museum slot from Push Gaming for a shot at the insane €868,042 max win!

Explore the museum outside business hours

Now, this is not a Night at the Museum situation. The ancient artifacts that are on display at the Mystery Museum slot are not coming to life and causing mischief. The late hour of our visit is merely to ensure the best viewing experience and a chance to get to see some of the relics not currently on exhibit, right? It’s not clear if our visit to the museum amounts to breaking and entering, but that’s for another slot to explore.


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The illustrations for Mystery Museum slot are beautiful – the background, in particular, is incredible with some fantastic detail. The reels don’t disappoint either with relics from Ancient Egypt, Rome, and Feudal Japan. All in all, this is one of my all-time favorite museum visits.

Time to make off with the treasure

Museums are a display of antiques and treasures stolen from the far reaches of the world. So, stealing from a museum is just moving the relics from one thief to another, right? Luckily, at the Mystery Museum slot, this moral dilemma is not one you’ll need to have to worry about.

During base gameplay, you’ll be given a chance to solve ancient riddles with the mystery symbol stack. When it appears, it will expand to fill the reel. The middle symbol will then spin to reveal the mystery symbol. All other spots that the mystery symbol stack covers will then be transformed into the same symbol giving you a shot at huge wins.


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If you manage to find three or more samurai mask scatter symbols, you’ll unlock a round of free spins and a chance at that massive 62,003x win multiplier. During a round of free spins, all mystery symbol stacks will be locked in place once they appear on the reels. This gives you the chance to have multiple triple five-row wins!

If you’d like a shortcut past the riddles, Mystery Museum slot also gives you the option to buy a round of free spins. Unlike most buy bonus features, this one gives you the chance to buy a round of free spins that is unlocked with three, four, or five scatter symbols giving you a far greater degree of flexibility.

Is Mystery Museum slot a treasure just waiting to be discovered?

This is, to date, my favorite new slot release of 2022. A lofty claim, I know. But Mystery Museum slot just strikes such a perfect balance between fantastic graphics, exciting bonus features, and one of the largest standard max wins I’ve ever seen at €868,042. There is a slight specter in the form of high volatility hanging over it but waiting for a few more spins between wins is a small price to pay.

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