Take Care Of Business in NoLimit City’s New Whacked! Slot!

If you’ve been following my blog feed, you’ll know I’ve been begging Nolimit City to lighten up and stop tainting my little soul with death and depravity.

I think they’ve listened… Well, sort of. I am over the bloody moon to announce that their latest release, Whacked! slot, is not about serial killer sickos, mental institutions, torturous hospitals, or Western graveyards.

It’s about the “double-dealing world of mobsters,” and yeah, a few weapons are swinging around on the reels. Naturally – of course there’s sinister PG-18 action in here. It’s Nolimit City!

Still, I am keen to try my hand at a game that can pay out up to €381,184 and not be subject to disturbing thoughts for the rest of the day. It’s a win.

Wanna be a gangster? You’ve come to the right place

If you want to be welcomed into Nolimit City’s family of gangsters, then you’re going to have to know the rules of the game.

To start, it is a high volatility, 96.07% RTP slot that is comparatively more straightforward to play than most of the others on NLC’s vast list.

It all unfolds on a 3×5 reel grid that takes shape around the provider’s new Lock ‘n’ Load feature, and their popular xWays mechanic. Just wait until you see these two forces coming together – it’s dynamite.

The bonus feature, the Whacked Spins, is where the real adrenaline kicks in, so sharpen up your suit because I’m about to take you through these big and bad features in more detail.


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The features are no funny business

To kick things off, let’s dive into the Reel Area. It facilitates the removal of all winning combinations and makes way for new paying symbols to land. Kinda like tumbling/cascading reels – just with an NLC twist.

The new Lock ‘n’ Load feature occurs when 6 bullets fill the cylinder below the game screen. It will then activate and fire at the high paying character symbols, which will then turn into Wilds. Any unused bullets will stay in the cylinder for the next hit.

The xWays mechanic is nothing new, but to give you the scoop, the xWays symbols expand to 2 or 4 symbols, consistently creating half symbols that pay the same as normal ones. This gives you more bang for your buck, and I’ve always thought it was cool. Still do.


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Set against the backdrop of a dark, moonlit night, the 3-2-1 collector, Whacked Spins Bonus game will keep you on the edge of your seat, heart racing with anticipation.

Here you’ll meet the enigmatic “xRevolver,” a game feature that injects a dose of high-octane excitement by fueling multipliers capable of turning the entire bonus upside-down.

If this isn’t suspenseful enough, it also has a Russian Roulette twist, where collections are not just added, but multiplied, paving the way for jaw-dropping payouts that will leave you more than satisfied and feeling like a boss.


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Don’t let it be curtains for ya!

If you’re looking for that special Nolimit City touch, but without all the murder and mayhem for a change, then Whacked! slot should be on your hit list.

This provider is probably one of my all-time favorites. They push the boundaries every single time and play on themes that have grit, grunge, and all the genius you could ask for.

So, polish your knuckle duster, slip it in your sock, and give this no-mercy slot a good shot!