Tamagotchis and 3310s in Brick Snake 2000 Slot

The Tamagotchi was released in November 1996. If you’re not of my generation, it was basically an electronic pocket pet that required food and attention to stay alive. The aim of the game was to keep your pet alive for as long as possible. I had one, as did almost everyone I knew. I remember hurrying out of class to get to my dad’s car, where I had my little guy in the glove box, ready to be fed and entertained. He did, however, not make it through school holidays.

If I were putting together a nostalgia-themed slot for the 1990s and early 2000s, the Tamagotchi would be featured without a doubt, as would the Nokia 3310 and maybe the Walkman. Leave it to Nolimit City to absolutely target my demographic with their latest mad creation, Brick Snake 2000 slot.

Snek likes to eat?

The slot’s base game offers two main bonus features. The first is xWays symbols. When these symbols appear on the reels, they will be transformed into one of the slot’s standard symbols with an added multiplier. If the symbol is involved in a winning combination, the multiplier will be applied to the amount won.


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The second base game bonus feature is the Moving Wild Snek symbol. With this symbol appearing on the reels, it will move one to five places in any direction, with every space it passes over being transformed into a wild symbol.

The slot’s Snek Spins are triggered with three or more scatter symbols. Five scatter symbols will, however, take things up a notch, triggering a round of Super Snek Spins. During a round of Snek Spins, the Sneks will move one at a time, with the Snek that has been on the reels longest going first. The Snek will continue to move, collecting coins and bonus features until it either collides with itself or eats a slayer symbol.

In addition to instant win coin symbols, the Snek can consume multipliers, an egg that will spawn a new Snek, an “UP” symbol that will upgrade the round to Super Snek Spins, and the MAXWIN symbol that will award a winning amount of 8,110x the base bet value. During a round of Super Snek Spins, there will also be a Collector 2,000 symbol that will add the values of all visible coins to itself.


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If you’re not keen on chasing the snek the old-fashioned way, you can select to purchase a round of the slot’s Snek Spins bonus rounds.

Is Brick Snake 2000 slot the right amount of nostalgic?

Brick Snake 2000 slot offers a maximum multiplier of 16,220x, giving you a shot at $324,400 in winnings when betting at the $20 a-spin top end. Betting starts at $0.20, which is probably a more reasonable starting point when considering the extreme volatility. The slot offers an RTP of 96.03%.

The ‘90s and 2000s had so many cultural icons, like the Tamagotchi, the Nokia 3310, and the Walkman, that the period really doesn’t need filler from other time periods. So, I really thought it was weird that the meme culture was so heavily integrated into Brick Snake 2000 slot. The specific memes chosen made that even starker, with the snek, angry chihuahua, and the buff cat memes really only becoming culturally relevant in the 2010s, long after the Tamagotchi had slipped from the cultural zeitgeist. One could argue that the 3310 has always maintained some cultural relevance, but today, it doesn’t have nearly the same pull as when Nokia had the kind of global dominance over the mobile phone market that Apple could only dream about. This may very well be me taking this slot way too seriously, but I think it just distracts from the gameplay. It does for me, at least. I give this one a six out of ten. It’s a fun slot, but it could have been so much better.

If you’re looking for slots Nolimit City did nail, the list is long. Two of my favorite of Nolimit’s hits are Punk Toilet and Tombstone R.I.P.