Both Action and Payouts Are Doubled in These Twin Oriented Slots

Rami Malek, Kiefer Sutherland, Ashton Kutcher and Scarlett Johanson all have something in common. They have a twin sibling. Another interesting fact is that twins are becoming more and more common in society and it will be interesting to see how long that will continue.

The power of twins has been portrayed in many different ways and today we are diving head first into some of our twin oriented slots to see if the powers truly are real and what effect they may have on our chances of winning big. We are hoping for a double payout!

Twin Spin – NetEnt

Some of the things that come in twos are twins, shoes and earrings. Another example is cherries and you can make a whole lot of green by landing them on the reels of Twin Spin slot. This ever so popular slot is mastering mixing blinking lights with epic wins and is a blast to play. Go see for yourself as you know what they say, you have to be twin it to win it!


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Fa-Fa Twins – BetSoft

Twins just have a special connection the rest of us can never understand. One can’t deny it is quite special and imagine twins being the norm and the rest of us the odd ones out. Weird! Fa-Fa Twins slot puts on a twin show for us and just as we expected, the wins can be doubled through the heads or tails game in the Double Up feature. A solid max coin payout of 810,000 makes this slot a must play for us!


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Lucky Twins – Microgaming

Creepy twins have been used in movies many times. Who can forget the ones from The Shining for example. We would prefer the nicer kind so imagine our surprise when Lucky Twins slot landed in our lap. Not only are they less spine-chilling but they are also lucky. How lucky are they? Start spinning and find out for yourself.


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Kitty Twins – GameArt

There are not many things that are as cute as kittens. Their no fear attitude and the constant hunger for play and adventure should be something we all could use a good dose of. You can catch a glimpse of a few of them in Kitty Twins slot and considering their willingness to help you bring home a pile of cash means you may want to think about getting yourself a little one of your own. These twin kittens can get you up to 50 purring free spins in one go with all wins doubled.


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Candy Slot Twins – Spinomenal

Some wins are sweeter than others and the ones that make you feel like your teeth are falling out taste the absolute best. We can accept other things being sugar free but please do not even think about taking away the sweet wins! This potential issue is no more apparent than in Candy Slot Twins slot where the wins are filled with double the sugar, proper twin style!

For every no-win-spin the meter on top moves towards a nice multiplier reaching the end at a very welcoming x15. The wins are massive and as you can see, even when you don’t win, you still do!


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Double the Wins Double the Fun

In a classic case of being careful of what you wish for, this was bound to happen. We are now wishing for twins as we can see how much fun they can be. And how about those wins? They seem to be twice as big as normal! We are not sure if that’s wishful thinking or not but we did sense some sort of spirit watching over these slots. Whatever it was we are not going to pry as we are not taking any chances of ruining this winning streak these slots put us on!