Climb Aboard a Trojan Horse to Wins in New Achilles Slot

In Greek mythology, Achilles was a stud. He was handsome, brave, and a great warrior. He was basically the Michael Jordan of the Greek army. Unlike Mike, however, Achilles had a weakness. And because of this weakness, instead of being remembered as a legend, he has been immortalized as an extremely fragile body part. You make one mistake, and you get punked for all time!

Grab your loincloth, dust off your armor, and join Yggdrasil as they try to recapture the glory of this mythical man in Achilles slot.

That’s the one with Brad Pitt, right?

No, I’m not talking about that terrible melodramatic snoozefest from 2004. I’m talking about a Yggdrasil slot that seems like it drew its inspiration from the 1997 Disney Hercules animation, the one with the great soundtrack! Achilles especially looks like he was modeled off Hercules from that Disney classic.


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That’s the good part, now for the not-so-good part. The background is very basic. It’s a tiny fort in the middle of a desert. Troy was a grand city. Plus, the gates to the city are always open even before you roll the Trojan Horse in so that the sacking can begin. It feels a little lackluster from a slot developer who is traditionally big on getting the little details right.

Has this thing got its engineering certificate?

Now, I know it’s traditional to say things like “this one is packed with features” when that’s very rarely the case. However, with Achilles slot, this is factual and not hyperbolic.

Let’s start with the base game, shall we? Unlike most other slots that may just have a wild to whet your appetite in the base game, Achilles slot has four different modifiers that can be triggered on any spin.

  • Agamemnon Modifier – the brutal leader of the Greeks marches his soldiers across the reels revealing at least one full column of wilds
  • Helen Modifier – the beauty that launched 1,000 ships sprays her perfume over the reels creating a supersized symbol
  • Skinny Greek Soldier Modifier – a random soldier fires rocks at the reels revealing mystery symbols
  • Achilles Modifier – the legend himself reveals a prize behind one of six shields

Now that we’ve got the base game bonus features out the way, let’s take a look at the bonus round. Instead of just one scatter symbol, Achilles slot has three different scatter symbols, which unlock the Achilles Free Spins, Trojan Horse Bonus, and The Empire Bonus.


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Achilles Free Spins

With the appearance of three more Achilles scatter symbols, you’ll unlock a round of 10 Achilles Free Spins. Although this free spins feature is mostly standard, there is a small addition. Any wild that appears may stay on the reels for between one and three spins. You can see how many spins each wild will remain on the reels by the number of stars it has.

Trojan Horse Bonus

Grab three or more Trojan Horse scatter symbols, and you’ll unlock the Trojan Horse Bonus. Once you do, the reels will disappear and the infamous horse will roll into view. You’ll then pick which soldiers you want to load into the horse, each of which carries its own cash prize. Once it’s full, it’ll roll into the city, ready for the sacking of Troy.


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The Empire Bonus

With the appearance of three or more map scatter symbols, you will unlock a round of the Empire Bonus. During the Empire Bonus, the reels will disappear to reveal a map. Select which area of the map you would like to conjure, and the battle will start. Each successful battle earns you a cash prize.

Is Achilles slot a body part or a legend?

I honestly cannot remember a slot with more bonus features. Achilles slot is absolutely packed with them. And not just bonus rounds but base game bonus features, which seem to be becoming increasingly rare. When you add all that with some great graphics and fun gameplay, you’ve got a legend in the making.

Yes, the 95% RTP rating really could be better and the medium to high volatility does make unlocking bonuses a little more difficult than I’d like. However, I really don’t care.

If you’re still on the lookout for games that celebrate Ancient Greek mythology, I recommend giving Greek Legends, Rise of Athena, and Hades.