Explore the underworld for zombie treasures in Undead Riches slot

Never did we think we’d turn our heads for a corpse, no less a witch’s corpse! But alas, Undead Riches slot came to show us that good genes and the right potions will have you looking and feeling mighty fine crawling out that grave.

Obviously, since we’re still alive and kicking, we haven’t seen what wealthy zombies hold dearly… Sure, they have their own precious jewellery and their own ways of the underworld. Just like us mere mortals, only darker and creepier. If you’ve wanted an inside look into the lives of dearly departed enchantresses, then you’re in for a treat because there’s a lot to be explored!

Spin the reels for zombie treasures

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend up here, but down in the underworld the ghoulish girls have totally different tastes. On the six reels of this captivating Flat Dog slot, you’ll find an array of zombie treasures.

From ribcage broaches and teeth rings, to vertebrae necklaces and skeleton amulets, there is no shortage of eerie on these reels.

The special underworld symbols are the Wild, which is represented by the word ‘WILD’, the Bonus, which is of a gold skull, the Bonus Spins, which is a green brain, and the Sticky Wild Multiplier, which is of the queen of Undead Riches slot. She’ll cast a winning spell on your reels, so keep an eye out for her!


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Hyper bets, hyper bonuses and walking wilds

Upon entering the Undead Riches slot, you’ll be hit with a whirlwind early on, because you’ll be asked to choose your preferred Hyper Bet and Hyper Bonus levels. These will see you through this extraordinary game.

But before we delve into these different selections, we first need to celebrate the Walking Wilds feature! During the main game, Walking Multiplier Wild symbols will appear on the reels randomly, starting from the first row, making their way down as each spin commences.

Each Waking Wild will have a multiplier added to it, but the multiplier value depends on the Hyper Bet levels you choose. As for the Hyper Bonus, there are different Free Spins options available too – so be smart, because the underworld is your oyster.


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Two free spins rounds to haunt

Undead Riches slot offers two exciting Free Spin bonuses, one of which is triggered by landing 3 or more Bonus symbols on the screen. Here, you’ll be taken to a familiar Free Spins game but this one will be bestowed with Sticky Wild Multipliers to help you haunt your way to glorious gold.

The second of the two, is the Bonus Spins feature. During the main game, every time a green brain lands on the reels, it will be added to the Bonus Spins meter. Once the meter has reached its full capacity you’ll embark on an ominous game of brains, eyeballs and skulls. You can play on Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum status. The aim of this game is to collect as many green brains as you can to reach different levels of rewards. The eyeball reveals additional free spins which will be added to the Bonus Spins round.


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Are you ready to rule the realm of the dead?

Undead Riches slot is a fantastic game. The animations are outstanding and so is the story-telling. What’s more is that you could grab a win of up to €69,480 with your bony fingers in this one.

We thoroughly enjoy spinning the sleepwalking reels of this 97.7% RTP, high volatility slot – and so will you! So come along apocalypse fiends, get ahead with Undead Riches slot.