The Divine Power of Gods: Egypt Slot Will Put You to the Test

Putting four of the most powerful gods of ancient Egypt in the same slot is a sure way of asking for trouble. Big egos just don’t mix but for some reason, Wazdan has managed to make them all get along for the sole purpose of a better product. Behind the scenes may tell a different story but the trick seems to be to give each of them a free spin feature of their own.

Power of Gods: Egypt Slot is not only packing 4 smashing free spin features, it also has a gamble and buy option. The €320,000 max win is just the beginning and the rest is up to you… with a bit of help from the gods of course.

Are you ready to go toe to toe with the divine and show that you belong?

A High School Yearbook

The mythical world of ancient Egypt is on full display across the 5 reels and 243 paylines. With all the different gods as symbols, if we didn’t know better, we would think it was a high school yearbook from the School of Gods. They are all looking their very best, despite their very unique facial features and head gear.

Considering the €320,000 max win, 8,000x multiplier and 96.16% RTP, you would think the volatility would be high. Think again! Thanks to a tiny little button on your bottom right, you are actually able to adjust the settings yourself, leaving you no excuses.


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Fire Walk With Me

As mentioned, there are plenty of features to go around and the free spins alone have 4 different modes, all with its own lucrative bonus. What are they? Let’s take a look.

Ra Spin Bonus

Let’s go straight to the elephant in the room. We’re not sure what kind of secret juices RA has been shooting up lately but he is looking like he’s straight from the movie 300.

Holding a meter, every time you land a scarab, it will fill up the meter but they have to appear consecutively to do so or it will reset. When you’ve filled it all the way up, you’ve triggered the Ra Spin Bonus and 7 free spins are yours.
You will be spinning with a 7x multiplier as well as expandable walking wilds.

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How to Get the Other 3 Free Spin Modes

Triggering the other free spins takes 3 or more scatters, anywhere on the reels. Doing so will make you face a decision. There will be 3 options available, depending on how many scatters you landed, so take your pick and let it take you for a ride.

Sobek Free Spins – Crocodile face will set you up with 15 free spins and with each win, he will use his power to move the reels and give you a re-spin. With each re-spin, the multiplier will increase so keep it going as the biggest multiplier is a juicy 7x.

ISIS Free Spins – Looking at 12 free spins, each wild will expand ISIS for a bigger effect and will also come with a 3x multiplier attached.

Bastet Free Spins – Treat yourself to 10 spins with an increasing multiplier for each win. Using cascade mechanics, you can line up a few consecutive wins with little effort. Your wilds will come with a 4x multiplier.

Put the Money Where Your Mouth Is

You will always have the option of paying your way to the free spins. The price will vary but it will be between 45x-60x depending on your preferred free spin god.

Double Your Money

There is also the gamble option that will present itself after each and every win. Take a chance to double your money with a fun 50/50 game. It’s possible to double your wins up to 7 times but you can of course opt out after each of them.

Teamwork Makes Dreamwork

It is impressive how they all managed to get along. Teamwork makes dreamwork and when they work together, it can result in a great day at the reels for you.

It’s your turn to try your luck and with all the cool features available, this will be a walk in the park!