Score an Eruption of Wins in New Mount Magmas Slot

Humans love to build towns at the base of mountains that destroy everything around them from time to time. Think Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D. and that unpronounceable Icelandic volcano that screwed up everyone’s travel plans in 2010. We just don’t learn, do we?

Take advantage of the destructive power of Mount Magmas slot from Push Gaming to score an eruption of wins!

Did you feel that?

Push Gaming has some interesting titles that are visually striking and fun to play. Fat Rabbit, Viking Cash, and Blaze of Ra all show a game provider intent to carve their own path and ensure that their games stand apart.

On launching Mount Magmas slot we were, however, not given what we expected from a Push Gaming slot. It didn’t feature their uniquely illustrated characters, and it appeared to be a fairly cookie-cutter filler slot. That was until we started playing. Each rock is beautifully illustrated and unique. And once you start to see the high-value glowing rock symbols, the uniquely Push Gaming approach to slot illustration starts to come into view.


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Then, we hit the bonus round. Your magma rock is thrown into a volcano in the background, and you’re transported to the top of that same volcano, completely doing away with the reels. We won’t give away anymore spoilers, but we will say that seeing the bonus round is worth the spins you’ll need to unlock it.

It’s going to blow!

When you’re heading into the area of the active Mount Magmas slot volcano, there are a few things you are going to want to keep in mind to have a shot at scoring a €250,000 eruption.

During the base game, the wild symbol will substitute for all other symbols to complete winning combinations. The base game also features super stacks of high-paying symbols that give you a chance to unlock big wins with glowing gems stacked floor to ceiling. However, if you’re looking for truly big wins, you’re going to need to wait until an eruption.

To cause an eruption of wins within Mount Magmas slot volcano, you’re going to need to find magma rock symbols. Once you do, the rocks will be flung into the volcano. Some won’t have any effect. Others will trigger the Volcano Bonus.


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Once triggered, a wheel will spin to determine the max win of your Volcano Bonus round. It will then be placed at the top of the volcano while you’re dropped off at the bottom. You’ll then need to choose stone octagons to make your way up the 11 rows to the jackpot! But beware, if you’re too slow and the lava catches you, you’ll be blasted back to the base game.

Is Mount Magmas slot dormant or ready to erupt?

A slot about a volcano really doesn’t sound all that enticing. It is, as a result, no surprise that we went in with no real expectations. And we were completely blown away. Mount Magmas slot is great. It offers exciting graphics and a unique bonus feature that adds a considerable amount to the gameplay.

If you’re looking to see if a volcano is ready to erupt, you have to check the numbers. Mount Magmas slot features an RTP rating of 96.5% and high volatility, which means you can expect bigger wins at less frequent intervals. However, those big wins will be great value thanks to the huge 50,000x multiplier!

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