Go Back to Basics With Hot Devil Slot!

Alright, let’s get right into Hot Devil Slot – where the devil’s supposed to be in the details, or lack thereof. You’ve got this bombshell devil on the cover, probably whipped up by some AI wizardry (because, why not?), oozing of wild adventures…

Where do you ever hear of a devil who’s a super chill and laid-back dude? Except for Little Nicky, of course, he’s always got a rent-free spot in my Netflix Wishlist.

All I know is that if I ever came across the devil, I’m certainly not expecting to crack open some bottles, and catch up on the Eurovision performances, while laughing hard at what the world has done to music.

Expectations… Just don’t have them.

Forgive me for my sins

Okay, so I always try to keep an open mind when I check out new games, because of course, not everyone likes what I like. If they did, we’d all be wearing Dr Martens, blaring My Chemical Romance in our impossible-to-park SUVs.

But this TrueLab game… It’s like a classic 3-reel fruit slot from back in the day, just with a few extra reels slapped on for good measure, and a sultry sinner giving you the “come play” side-eye, with no figurative fire.

I was hoping for some spice here. Actual hell would be more of an adventure, I’d imagine – at least there are 9 circles to get through.

All jokes aside, despite my preference for non-stop-bonus-action, on the classic scale, this is a pretty decent option.


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The Hot Devil’s rules

The Hot Devil Slot is a stripped down classic and video slot hybrid, featuring all our old school favorite fruit, sevens, and bar symbols.

It has up to 30 variable paylines and an Expanding Hot Devil Wild that sizzles up the screen for all the wins she can get her hands on.

Basically, if the Flaming Heart Wild lands on the reels, in a position where it can lend to a win, it’ll expand. This game has a 96.3% RTP, and low to medium volatility, making it perfect for beginners, or those not looking to go too big on their spins.

Wanna win massive money? You’ll need lots of luck, lots of high-paying symbols, and a heavenly miracle.


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Classic but let’s make it satanic

Here we’ve got an interesting spin on a classic slot, where Truelab threw in an anything but ordinary theme to give it a kick. But, is this the first devil-dazzled classic slot I’ve seen? No.

I do miss seeing coins flying around and bonus games to bite my nails through. However, Hot Devil Slot might just be the perfect slot for you…

If simple is what you’re after, then give this one a go – plus, the satanic vibe isn’t that hectic. You’ll be fine.