The Fangs Are Sharp and the Wins Are Tasty in These Vampire Slots

When Bram Stoker first gave birth to the legendary Count Dracula, he was originally named Count Wampyr. We are happy that he came to his senses and changed it. This individual has scared thousands and thousands of kids around the world but with BitStarz holding your hand, you don’t need to be afraid anymore.

Let’s spin the reels of some of his slots and you will find that he is actually quite the generous type.

Dracula – NetEnt

This guy is trying to intimidate you by giving you the eye of death while tapping his fingers. He is in for a challenge though as it’s hard to scare someone with that freshly blow-dried mane flopping around. Dracula slot is dark and the special effects are many and we love the transition from man to the flying bats. The randomly activated Bat feature is a treat as they fly and land in a cluster formation and all turn into the same random symbol, often completing a nice win for you!


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Dracula Riches – Belatra Gaming

We haven’t heard much about Dracula having a ton of money. Sure, he is after all a Count and lives in a castle, but nobody has ever questioned how he got his fortune or his background. Dracula Riches slot offers you a chance to sink your fangs into it and get away with a big fat chunk of his cash. The scatters will give you 10 free spins and as they are retriggerable, you can quench your thirst for blood with up to 320 of these freebies! Thank you Dracula.


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Dracula’s Castle – Wazdan

You don’t find an invite to the castle in your mailbox very often. We have never found one in ours. Not even one addressed to someone else. Dracula’s Castle slot opens the gates to the vampire version of the Playboy mansion which would make Dracula the Hugh Heffner of vampires. We love the backdrop in this slot and the overall detailed graphics. With a max coin win of 100,000 you can make some decent coin in this game and if you want to double your wins you can choose the gamble option and guess the color of the blood.


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Dracula´s Family – Microgaming

Ok, this is the first time we have met any of Dracula’s Family but the kids are already pissing us off. It’s not the slingshot they bring to the table, as they actually give you a bunch of random wilds, but for some reason we find it annoying every time they land on the reels. Dracula’s Family slot will serve up a buffet of free spins and multiplier so regardless of his annoying kids, there are some tasty wins to feast on. Be sure to bring your appetite!


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The Vampires – Endorphina

Sneaking around the cemetary on a misty night can be pretty creepy. Add to it blood thirsty vampires and bats and you have a real party. The Vampires slot serves this vibe on a silver plate so there are no more options than getting involved. Landing scatters will put you in front of a bunch of tombstones where you will take your picks in hope of making the extra buck. Look out for the zombie hand reaching up from the grave to pour out a cup of blood to hopefully reveal a nice win!


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Slots to Sink Your Teeth Into

Now those are some bloody good slots to sink your teeth into. The epic wins may come disguised as bats or other Draculanian paraphernalia but a win is a win and we thoroughly enjoyed them. As you can see, the scary count is quite the spender and doesn’t mind sharing his wealth with his followers. For that reason we are now one of them, at least according to Instagram.