Mariah’s Defrosting and So Are Christmas Slots!

‘Tis the season to BitStarz and chill – and what better than with brand new Christmas slots from a bunch of top-tier game providers?

I get it, not everyone’s big into these kinda holidays. Some people are fanatical, like covering every imaginable inch of their house and yard in tinsel fanatical. Others are more on the miserable side, hating anything that resembles joy.

Look, you’ve probably got to be the former to make it through this review. Else, you might end up crushing whatever device you’re reading this from because we’re about to dive deep into the latest Christmas slots at BitStarz.

Whether you’re decking the halls or rolling your eyes, stay tuned – you might just find something you like.

WARNING: Flashing lights and festive cheer!

Holly Jolly Bonanza Slot

What did I tell you? We’re in the cringe-zone already just from this first game title. But I am all for it because I’m not a bitter old hag, yet.

Anyway, first up is Holly Jolly Bonanza slot from Booming Games! With mystery multiplier gift boxes sliding down the reels and up to $130,000 to win, our Christmas slot selection is off to a great start.

It’s cozy, not too cliché, and certainly leaves me feeling excited to itch to death in my Xmas sweater in front of the fireplace with a glass of eggnog in my hand.


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Xmas Drop Slot

Cue in the cute, and funny! Xmas Drop slot from Hacksaw Gaming has to be designed to warm all hearts, because the characters are just so lovable and hilarious AF.

Open wide, Santa Claus is coming to town and he’s giving out jaw-dropping, denture-popping wins. No, really, I’m serious. You must see it for yourself!

With two excellent bonus games mixed with Wild Gifts and Wild Santas, and a max win of up to $250,000 – I don’t think you can go wrong with this one.


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Sweet Candy Christmas Slot

Aww, Sweet Candy Christmas slot from 1×2 Gaming is what you get when you order a slot game off Wish. It’s also loaded with diabetes, and reels that spin way too slowly.

This is the perfect slot for my granny, in fact. The music, the pink, the everything. The redeeming qualities it does have is a whopping 15,000x multiplier, and a $225,000 potential maximum win.

So, if old-school is kinda cool, then this is your game because it also doesn’t come with a Buy Bonus option. Perfect for antique collectors and 90s slot spinners.


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Jingle Bells Bonanza Slot

Here we have a bunch of stowaways on Santa’s sleigh, and they’re the Christmas elves you didn’t know you needed to see today. But, be glad you did, because they are hanging on for dear life to get you wins of up to $209,300!

Jingle Bells Bonanza slot from NetEnt is for a more adult crowd, which would make sense, considering it’s a casino game, with its quirky storyline and hilarious protagonists.

If you’re looking for Golden Cash Drops with Progress Prizes, then enter this winter wonderland. Oh, and if you’re looking for Santa, he’s up on his sleigh!


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For the cheer-chasers and the Grinches alike

That’s a wrap, for now!

If you know BitStarz, then you’ll know these are only the first few Christmas slots to trickle in. The rest are sure to follow this month. And, you know what they say about the early bird, right?

Guess I’ll be back to take you through more of the good stuff before you know it 😉