Rick Grimes Ain’t Got Nothing on Re-Kill Ultimate Slot

The Walking Dead was a great series. The moment Glenn got killed by Negan in season 7 was brutal. I don’t think I’d ever been that affected by a television show before or since. Negan was such a brilliantly written villain, too. I do, however, think that the spinoffs have gotten outta hand. The Walking Dead: Dead City, The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, and The Walking Dead: World Beyond. It’s all getting a bit ridiculous. AMC is, however, not the only entertainment provider releasing questionable sequels of a zombie franchise.

This week, Mascot released a sequel to the company’s popular Re Kill slot, which was released in 2022. Re-Kill Ultimate slot is certainly a promising name.

What makes a sequel good?

I firmly believe that sequels need a reason to exist. Is there more of a story to tell? Great, let’s have a sequel. Is there another character that can tell the story from a different perspective? Great, let’s have a sequel. We need something new to release is not a good reason to create a sequel.


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Mascot released the original Re Kill slot towards the end of 2022. So, what’s different? Well, when it comes to the reel frame, the reels, and the symbols, the two slots are almost identical. The only element that’s different is that instead of a green toxic symbol scatter, it’s now yellow. What is noticeably different in terms of the slot’s appearance is the background and zombie hands that pop up from the bottom during gameplay. The background is an upgrade, the hands are not.


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In terms of bonus features, there’s more of the same. Both slots have the random wild reels, free spins, and transformed wilds bonus features. If you’re curious how all that works, here’s our Re Kill review. Re-Kill Ultimate slot does offer Mascot’s recently introduced Risk’N Buy feature, which is a twist on the classic buy bonus feature. It also has a multi-round Risk Game that gives you a chance to wager your winnings for a shot at doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling your winning amount.

The end times are near

Re-Kill Ultimate offers you a chance to win up to $225,000 when betting at $30 a spin. However, thanks to the 7,500x max multiplier, you can still play for up to $1,500 in winnings. The slot has high volatility and an RTP rating of 95.4%.

When you call some the “ultimate” version, I have certain expectations. For a horror slot, I expect the gore and carnage to be pushed to eleven. Re-Kill Ultimate slot just isn’t that. It’s basically just a reskin with the provider’s most updated standard features. It’s not a bad slot, but I’m not sure if it needs to exist. Re-Kill Ultimate slot gets a five out of ten.

If you’re looking for a few zombie-themed slots that I do recommend, try out Taco Fury XXXTreme and Rotten.