The Legendary Tale of Hercules Unleashed Dream Drop Slot

We all know that Hercules had to do 12 labors to prove himself and his strength. That is what I thought, at least. I should have known better where the Ancient Greeks and their mythology are involved. Apparently, the real reason behind the labors was to atone for murdering his wife and kids after the goddess Hera induced a state of madness. They really were a bloodthirsty bunch the Ancient Greeks.

Relax Gaming thankfully uses the Disneyfied version of the story for its new game Hercules Unleashed Dream Drop slot.

Where’s Pegasus when you need him?

The slot’s re-spin feature is triggered when a stacked high-paying symbol lands on reel 1, filling the reel entirely. If it lands only partially filling the reel, there is a chance that it will be nudged into place to trigger the feature.


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Once triggered, the stacked symbol in reel one will become sticky, as will all symbols on reels two to five that match the symbol filling reel one. The reels will then be spun again for a chance to add more instances of the symbol to the reels. There is also a chance that an expansion symbol may land, which will expand the reels by one row. The reels can expand up to 10 rows high. Multiplier symbols can also appear. The reels will continue to be respun as long as at least one additional triggering symbol or expanding symbol lands on the reels.

The Best Slayer Bonus is triggered with three or more bonus symbols. During a round of the Beast Slayer Bonus, you will need to collect shields to progress through different levels. You can also collect multiplier symbols and row expansion symbols. The higher your progress through the levels, the larger the wins will become.


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Hercules Unleashed Dream Drop slot also has the standard Relax Gaming Dream Drop mechanic that is triggered randomly and gives you a shot at the Rapid, Midi, Maxi, Major, and Mega jackpot amounts.

Is Hercules Unleashed Dream Drop slot mighty or meh?

Betting on Hercules Unleashed Dream Drop slot starts at just $0.20. However, if you’re going to chase the $250,000 max payout, you’ll need to be betting at $20 a spin. If you prefer to stay at the minimum bet per spin, the 10,000x max multiplier will mean that you can still win up to $2,000. The slot has high volatility, meaning the gameplay will lean towards fewer regular small wins. It has an RTP of 94%.

Unsurprisingly, Relax Gaming isn’t the first to think of doing a Hercules-themed slot. In fact, they’re not even the only ones to do it this month, with ReelPlay recently releasing Hercules 10K Ways. So, the new Relaxing Gaming slot does have some competition in its quest to stand out. Does it manage it, though? Yes and no. The graphics are great, and the stacked symbol animations are fantastic. I was a bit disappointed at how little an impact Hercules himself played, though. There really aren’t any features specific to the hero himself. That being said, it is still a solid slot with a bunch of great bonus features. I give this one an eight out of ten.

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