Raging Rex slot rampages the reels for prehistoric wins

How about a little adrenalin rush for the boys? You got it! Raging Rex slot brings you head-to-head with the Jurassic king – T-Rex. These dinos are not here to play, so if you survive these cold-blooded predators then massive prehistoric wins could be yours.

We know Rexy has been mocked over the centuries, for his little baby arms, and his inability to reach anything – we agree, they’re pretty useless but he has tons of other fierce qualities to make up for it. Don’t get it wrong, this guy WILL take you out within the blink of an eye. Now that we have that cleared up, let’s see exactly what we’re in for with Raging Rex.


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Dinos walk these reels

You’re in for a prehistoric thrill ride through the Triassic period, where dinosaurs ruled the roost some 233 million years ago, in Play’n GO’s Raging Rex slot. The top dog of these times, the T-Rex is possibly the most savage predator to ever stomp the earth, and our reels.

Accompanying the T-Rex is a Carnotaurus, Dilophosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Triceratops, Velociraptor, and varying fossilized primordial insects. We’re officially in the thick of it with the presence of these guys.

The Wild symbol is the petrifying T-Rex, and the Scatter is a fiery asteroid making its way to earth – which is believed to have been the undoing of the dinosaurs. If creatures of this magnitude couldn’t withstand an asteroid then hell, we’re screwed should that day ever come.


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Raging re-spins and free spins

Rexy is going on a rampage and if he is fully visible on your reels, meaning he is fully stacked on one of your columns, then he’ll trigger the Rampage Re-spins feature. With every re-spin, the T-Rex will step across the reels, and the feature will end when he reaches the first reel.

Are you in for a Wild Hunt, or a Primal Rage? The choice is yours, when you land 3 or more Scatter symbols on your reels in the main game. These Scatters will award you Raging Spins anywhere from 8 to 30, depending on how many asteroids hit your screen at once.

You’ll be asked to decide which Raging Spins feature you’d like to play. In Wild Hunt, T-Rex symbols can come with multipliers. In Primal Rage, the T-Rex will land fully stacked somewhere during each spins. We definitely recommend trying out both of these features, because bonus rounds don’t only come around once – they come at random, and could come around a few times if it’s your lucky day.


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Hunt for cold-blooded cash

Raging Rex slot is a killer game with a maximum win of €250,000. Play’n GO encapsulated the Dinosaur Era, from what we know of it, perfectly. The extinction of dinosaurs is unfortunate, but BitStarz also has them living on in these games – Dino Odyssey slot, and Mighty Rex slot – so don’t let the prehistoric thrills end with Raging Rex slot.

Raging Rex’s graphics are so profound that these extinct creatures look so real – this game is actually a bit nervy. The sound of the T-Rex roaring and stomping can cause a serious panic, coupled with the anticipatory music, you’re sure to be on the edge of your seat.

Raging Rex slot has a RTP of 94.34% and a pretty high volatility, causing even more of an adrenaline rush.