The Satanic Blood & Shadow Slot Has a 6,666x Multiplier – Fitting.

When I was drinking my coffee and watering my house plants an hour ago, it never occurred to me that I could be spending the remainder of this beautiful morning with demons.

Oh, how the pendulum swings for me. Guess I’ll need to re-align my chakras and burn that old sage smudge stick again when I’m done telling you about the game from Annabelle’s sweetest dreams/my nightmares…Blood & Shadow slot.

If you thought you were in for a rather regular day, you were wrong. The satanic Shadow Girl has decided to join in the fun, and I’m really not sure how I feel about that.

Is there another viral sensation among us?

Many providers do horror slots, and they do them damn well.

But I don’t know anyone that does demented quite like NoLimit City. So, not only do we have a horror slot here, but we have a horror slot from an office of extremely deranged creatives. It’s gotta be good.

And it is – if you’re into weird, dark, shit. Blood & Shadow slot acts as the follow-up to NoLimit City’s successful, viral sensation, Book of Shadows slot from 2020.

It’s amazing what 3-years can do to your psyche. They’ve gone full psycho with this one. I love them.


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Ready for some freaky AF rituals?

One of the things making this 96.13% RTP game a good time, apart from its adorable theme of course, is the progression system it uses to destroy the old and bring in the new for spine-chilling wins.

The Ritual Bar fills up when medium or high-paying symbols are involved in a win, and once it’s filled, free spins played in ‘Frantic Mode’ with transforming (and very demonic) symbols are awarded. They’re called Cursed Spins.

These messed up spins, complete with Sticky Wilds and the signature xSplit feature, has what it takes to summon some cool wins.


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Would you buy your soul back?

Blood & Shadows slot has its own little shop of horrors – but in bonus form. You can purchase at a price, the Baphomet Rite, 10 Cursed Spins, and Lucky Draws.

All of these could help you reach The Pact is Sealed, as it’s called, max win of €399,960.

If you purchase the Baphomet Rite, the Ritual Bar will instantly move to Level 3 and award 6 Candle Spins.

The Cursed Spins, on the other hand, are the big boys… The place where the devil plays. And you can buy them or wait for them to be awarded once the Ritual Bar reaches Level 5.

The Lucky Draws are interesting too. Buying one of these will allocate the Ritual Bar level to start on and the number of free spins you’ll get.

IMO, all the free spins rounds seem fairly similar, so I was happy with whichever lot I got. There was no escaping the pentagrams though.


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I’ll hold a candle for Blood & Shadow slot!

NoLimit City strikes again, and I’m feeling pretty faint. If you’re able to suck it up and give Blood & Shadow slot a try, it could be worth your while, and all the money you’ll spend on therapy afterwards.

With no surprise, this game has an extreme volatility and a very fitting 6,666x multiplier.

Am I done here? Can I go cry now? Thanks.