The Top 5 Platipus Slots at BitStarz!

Perhaps Platipus isn’t the biggest provider in our industry, but they wouldn’t be one of our close partners unless we thought that they were bringing something to the party. With a wide variety of games, you’ll have your hands full (hopefully with cold, hard cash.)

No need to dream about the Amazon Mistress or the Princess of Birds, as they are only a click away. Monkeys, magic and crocs will also be joining you today, so you are in for one hell of a treat!

Mistress of Amazon

Now that is a sexy title. This flirty Mistress of Amazon slot will have you looking into crossing the ocean and visiting this remarkable jungle. What are the chances that the word amazing is based on the word Amazon, because that’s what this place is. The astounding wildlife shines through in this game and the graphics do what they can to enhance their features. Scatters will get you free spins and in this game, this means you’ll first spin the bonus wheel. This will decide how much help you will get to bring home the big bucks. How about 12 free spins with a bunch of wilds? The max coin win of 80,000 will surely boost your confidence before you stand face to face with this luscious mistress.


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Princess of Birds

Imagine meeting a person, they give you their business card and it says Princess of Birds on it. We would probably feel a bit taken aback and slightly confused about what we just read. However, it would make for one hell of a conversation starter. In Princess of Birds slot you will have the pleasure to meet the princess herself. Showing 5 reels and 20 paylines you will surely develop or reawaken your interest for different types of birds. The advantage with these birds is the fact that they can make you rich. We love birds like that! Blue eggs in a basket are the scatters and these little nuggets can get you up to 30 freshly hatched free spins. Repeat, retrigger and fill up your own basket with all the coin you’ll rake in and you will soon be crowned the king (or queen) of birds.


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Magical Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall, who will be the wealthiest of them all? Magic and mirrors go all the way back to Snow White, who actually makes an appearance in Magical Mirror slot. She is not alone as her cast members are just as impressive. The huntsman, the evil queen, dwarfs and Bambi all join her in this fairytale. The bonus game is where the money is really found and there are a variety of spins and multipliers that you can get. Spin the bonus wheel to find out just what’s in store for you. These magical characters are here to help you grab that treasure chest full of gold.


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Monkey’s Journey

Man, how wonderful it would be to see some of the characters in this game walking around in the city. Say you’re in line at Starbucks and in front of you in line is Pigsy. We would absolutely love it! We apologize for getting carried away, but the characters in the Monkey’s Journey slot are fantastic. Two of these legends on the 5 reels are Zhu Bajie (Pigsy) and Sun Wukong (the Monkey King.) There are enough free spins to go around and they all come with different features, which you’ll need to pick beforehand. The wilds are both crazy and powerful and they could really add some coin to your payout. Although the wilds are really solid, you also get a boost from the bonus mega stack and all the multipliers just laying around waiting for you to put them to work!


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The savannah wildlife awaits in the Crocoman slot featuring a Crocodile Dundee look-a-like. In contrast to Paul Hogan in the classic movie as well as Steve Irwin, Crocoman rules Africa with the help of 5 reels and 10 fierce paylines. Buffalos, elephants, leopards and crocs are his co-stars, and what beauties they are. For being a fun and somewhat comical game, the wins and features are as sharp as Crocoman’s knife. Three or more scatters will trigger 10 roaring free spins and fittingly to the theme of the slot, they come with expanding wilds. Don’t tell anyone we told you this, but the free spins can be retriggered without a limit. Now that’s what we call a free spin bonanza!


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The Money Rain Awaits

These titles should bring you a lot of fun and fingers crossed, huge wins. If you haven’t played Platipus games before, you are in for a treat. Pour yourself a cup of coffée, get comfy and start spinning. After all, you have to be in it to win it!