Take Your Wins to the Next Level in Total Overdrive Slot!

It’s nearly the end of the week and we forgive you if you’re starting to feel a little tired and washed out – the weekend is nearly here, you can make it. Today, we’ve got yet another brand-new game in store for you, and boy is it a doozy. Get ready to stack up huge wins thanks to persistent multipliers and some of the biggest high-paying symbols the slot world has ever seen.

We’re kicking our wins into the next gear as we spin the reels in Total Overdrive slot!

Wins, Wins and More Wins!

Perhaps you picked up on our hint that you’re tired out at the end of the week, and perhaps you missed it. Total Overdrive is the perfect game for beginners and for players looking for a simple, yet fun slot experience. With three reels and five paylines, Total Overdrive really is one of the simplest games around. It doesn’t carry free spins mode or any fancy bonuses, just straight up wins with some epic multipliers. Every time you score a win, the multiplier will increase by one until you break the win chain where it resets back to normal. Thanks to this epic multiplier, you can rack up amazing wins to the tune of €14,500 from each and every spin. It’s well worth noting that Total Overdrive is a medium volatility game, meaning that big payday is never far away!

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More Multipliers Means Bigger Wins

BetSoft we’rent joking when they named this game Total Overdrive as that’s exactly what it does to your wins. Get ready to crank your wins into high gear and bring home the bacon. Thanks to the epic multipliers on offer that we mentioned above and all of the wilds thrown into the reels, taking home that huge win has never been easier than ever before. With numerous very high-paying symbols, you can rest assured that you’re going to clock a huge win sooner or later.

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Total Overdrive’s neon theme and snazzy soundtrack will keep you on the pulse and spinning the reels all night long, no matter how tiring your week has been. The win potential is out of this world and we’re loving landing mega wins with these persistent multipliers – they need to be in every game from now on!