Chase Fast and Furious Cash in The Wild Chase Slot!

Man oh man, we love fast cars, fast boats and a ton of action. The Fast & The Furious franchise has taken the world by storm and the action is just getting crazier with every release. That same speed and action are right up our alley in The Wild Chase slot, so we consider ourselves really lucky.

Let’s get behind the wheel and start chasing the money!

Pedal to the Metal

Cash, diamonds, fast cars and pretty girls is a proven concept and has been around for ages. Quickspin realized you don’t have to fix something that isn’t broken so why not create a slot in with the same focus. The Wild Chase slot is skidding around corners filled with expensive things displayed across the 5 reels. Diamond rings, gold, watches, champagne and smoking hot characters join the rest of the crew to give us an insight of what to truly expect from this game.

Respins and Sticking Symbols

One of the great features in this slot is the respin that will be triggered with every winning combo you manage to land. With each of the respins your ways of winning increase as more and more winning symbols are added. Unlike the drifting wheels of a fast car, these symbols stick and your wins just keep adding up.


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Burning Wilds and Big Bonus

As you keep spinning your respins, keep an eye on the multipliers, as they will increase for every one you land. This will give your wins a nice boost every time. You may wonder when the gold that we mentioned above will come into play? Well, during your respins, you should keep collecting the bank vaults as getting 3 of these will fill up the meter on your top right. Fill this meter and boom, you have accessed the vault and can start stuffing your duffle bags with the help of 10 free spins!


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Smashing Mega Wins

The max coin win in this speedy slot lands on a tasty 275,700 coins, but the real money maker here are the multipliers and respins. Just load up on the wins and the respins will do the rest. If you haven’t understood it yet, there is a ton of money to be made in this slot so we wouldn’t waste any time. You may have to hit the pawnshop afterward for some of the jewelry but it’s worth the wait.


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We Have a Winner!

This game lives up to our expectations and then some. Speedy play and a whole lot of cash to take home is a winning concept and this slot has it in abundance. This is one hell of a good time so take a seat, start your engine, and shift the gear into action!