The Wins in the Miner Donkey Trouble Slot Will Kick Like a Mule

When times are tough, sometimes you have to roll up your sleeves and dig a little deeper. You can’t go much deeper than the huge mine of the explosive Miner Donkey Trouble slot and it is crawling with golden nuggets.

Light the dynamite and hope for the best, as there is a €300,000 max win waiting. It’s not every day you find a donkey this deep underground but feed him the right stuff and he will bring the Donkey Destruction. Throw the Miner’s Pickaxe, Random Mega Symbol, Golden Nugget multipliers and free spins into the mix and you can understand why this little mine needs to stay our little secret.

Bring your explosives and we shall see you below ground!

Go Big or Go Home

Supported by a 7×7 grid, you will have plenty of room to figure out the best way to the gold. Building clusters of at least 5 symbols is the trick, which will kickstart the cascading reels, where winning symbols get replaced with new ones for even bigger wins.

It’s a great looking game by Play’n GO and even though the roof has caved in, the miner and his best friend, the donkey, remain calm and won’t dig their way out until they have found a ton of gold!


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Watch Out for the Donkey Destruction

Every time you land a winning cluster, it gets stored in the Donkey Destruction meter on the left. When you fill up enough to reach the set milestones, the donkey will be fed and will show his appreciation through a powerful kick!

  • Level 1 (18 symbols) = All the rock symbols will be removed
  • Level 2 (40 symbols) = The rock and gem symbols are destroyed
  • Level 3 (50 symbols) = Everything has to go, except the golden nuggets + up to 5 more

The Golden Nugget Multiplier

We all want gold and when the nuggets make it all the way down to the bottom, they will be collected as multipliers. Find as many as you can, since this will increase your multiplier even more.

When you don’t get another winning cluster, the count will reset. Keep this in mind.

Miner’s Pickaxe – Heads Up

You don’t enter a mine without a pickaxe and every time it shows, the Miner’s Pickaxe feature is triggered where you get anywhere between 4 to 10 wilds added to your reel. These can be very, very useful!

Falling Mega Symbols

On any given spin, the Random Mega Symbol can be triggered and a pair of Mega Symbols will be thrown into the mix. Their size can be anywhere from 2×2 to 4×4 but we don’t need to explain what they can do for your winnings.

Fire in the Hole

Anytime a scatter shows, the Dynamite Explosion feature is activated, followed by a big boom. This will remove the surrounding symbols and make room for a pair of wilds. Nice!

How to Get Free Spins

You need 3 dynamites on the same cascading spin in order to activate the free spins and when you do, you will get 5 of them.

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During your free spins, all the other features are available and if you can mix them all in, it can be extremely fun. You can also get the scatters in place and retrigger your free spins for a maximum 20 in total.

Bring on the Explosive Fun

This is an easy way to get rid of some pent up aggression by putting the dynamite to use. It doesn’t hurt that it also leads to a lot of big wins!

If you are looking for a fun game with explosive features and a ton of wins, you’ve found it. The Miner Donkey Trouble slot checks a lot of boxes and you need to find out for yourself. Be safe!