Go Retro with STOLBIK 777 Slot

The first slot game ever created is generally believed to have been the Liberty Bell, which was produced by Charles Fey somewhere between 1885 and 1895. Almost 100 years later, in the 1970s, the first video slot game was produced. Called Fortune Coin, the slot used a modified vacuum tube Sony TV as a display. To the average casino player, this history likely means very little. However, GameBeat has set out to celebrate what came before the feature-rich online slots of the 21st century.

The casino game provider has stated that with the release of STOLBIK 777 slot, it intended to celebrate the retro goodness of those original mechanical slot games.

Go back in time

STOLBIK 777 slot is set in this Cold War hellscape with rain pouring down and the inhabitants of the world looking rather miserable. As slot themes go, this one is a little depressing. However, the slot nails the theme. The graphics are some of the best I have ever seen in a slot, with the slow walk up to the machine at the beginning genuinely being one of the most surprising experiences I have had playing a slot game in years. The level of detail that has gone into this simple three-reel slot is actually jarring.


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Now, if you’re looking for bonus features, you’re not going to find many here. The slot features three reels across one row that display nothing but numbers. Set combinations of those three numbers will score you wins. The paytable is featured just below the reels, giving you the chance to easily reference it as you go.

When you do win, the slot offers an option to gamble your winnings as its one and only bonus feature. If you choose to gamble, your virtual character steps to the side of the machine, which reveals a jackpot wheel. Spin the wheel, and you have the chance to score a 1x, 2x, 5x, or 10x multiplier. You can, however, also lose your winnings if it lands on one of the jackpot wheel’s empty spots. You can also only gamble once per win.

Is STOLBIK 777 slot too retro?

I love STOLBIK 777 slot. The choice to make the theme a Cold War hellscape is so weird and so interesting. And the choice to make it a simple three-reel slot with just one row and no symbols is so unexpected. In fact, the slot doesn’t give you anything you expect. It’s a one-off, a complete original. How many slots can you say that about? I can name precious few. The only other one that comes to mind off the top of my head is Bomb Squad. I’m not sure STOLBIK 777 slot will appeal to everyone. In fact, I’m pretty sure it won’t. I am, however, so glad that it exists and that GameBeat is experimenting like this.

The slot has medium volatility which gives it a nice balance between rare big wins and small, more frequent wins. The slot’s 10,000x max multiplier is achieved by winning a 777 combination (which is 1,000x your bet), gambling it, and then receiving a 10x multiplier. If you do that betting at the €20 per spin maximum bet, you’ll win €200,000. If you’d prefer to bet small and enjoy this unique slot, it offers a minimum bet amount of €0.10. The slot has an RTP of 96.36%.

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