Get Ready for a Hairy Junkyard Assault in Roadkill Slot!

Nolimit City’s new game is out – and I’m here to rave about it! Introducing Roadkill slot, where the animal kingdom has had enough of being roadkill statistics and is ready to claw its way to victory! Or up to €354,912, you get my drift.

You’ll be slashing and bashing the reels with the feisty trio; Papa Bear, Fred the Rabbit, and Deer Joe. These militant woodland critters have decided to stop playing dead and unite against two bumbling hillbillies who need dental work done. ASAP. I can smell their breath from here.

Roadkill slot isn’t just any game; it’s a comedic riot that’s as wild as it is witty. And the features are pretty ferocious too. You’re in for a 10/10 experience of mechanics and creative genius.

Oh, the audacity

I LOVE Nolimit City. They are unmatched in their “chutzpah”, their audacity. And as time goes on, I find them to be unmatched in their slot themes. Who on earth thinks up Acorn Bombs? Or Hillbilly Kill Cars?

Maybe the more accurate question should be, who on earth is brave enough to offend with their content? There’s only one answer.

The only people getting offended in Roadkill slot are, well, roadkill lovin’ rednecks. Or any redneck for that matter. Maybe I shouldn’t call people rednecks. F*ck NLC, you made me forget my morals.

Anyway, there’s a lot to unpack about this action-packed game, I better get moving!


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An animal uprising

If you’ve played an NLC game, you’ll know that they are feature-rich, and their use of bonus mechanics is brilliant.

So, naturally, the feisty fur fighters all do something special, apart from all being Jumping Wilds, Papa Bear increases multipliers, while Fred the Rabbit acts as a Trapper who blocks Hilly and Billy’s killer cars, and Deer Joe as a Split Wild. It’s an all-out, animated, animal war on the reels.

There’s more. Way more. When it comes to the animals, you’ll come across additional features like Call to Arms and Collectors which both work to get you winning in this 96.05% RTP game.


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Howdy Hilly and Billy

Man, these dudes must have paid for their licenses because they drive like shit. But I guess that’s the point.

Features relating to these foul fellas include Hilly and Billy Cars, and Roadblock. Damn they’re complicated to explain, but I’ll try…

Hilly and Billy Cars trigger in between spins, where you’ll need to defeat the Green and Red cars using Hit Points, from a Jumping Wild. The feature focuses on bonus duration by damaging Armored Hearts, and stops when there are no hearts left to break. Shame.

Roadblock on the other hand, works to restore Armored Hearts and turn all animal Jumping Wilds into Expanded Wilds for extra gains. It also adds Wilds, and splits them too.

All of these epic features come together to turn it out in the woods for massive wins in the Team Assemble and Junkyard Assault bonus rounds.


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Who owns the road?

Well, that’s up to you to find out. Roadkill slot is mad complicated to understand and navigate, but if you’re like me, you’ll just press buttons and hope for the best.

Nah, for real though, this isn’t a game for a beginner, especially with its high volatility. At least it’s not extremely volatile like NLC likes to make some of their games. But still, not for a newbie. Unless being thrown to the sharks is your thing, of course.