There Is a Secret Box With Magical Powers in Arcane Gems Slot

Did you ever snoop around in your grandparents attic dreaming of finding something fun, exciting and perhaps even magical? Perhaps something hidden in the deep, dark corner, covered in dust just like in the movies? If you did, we’re pretty sure you would’ve loved to stumble up something like what’s in the thrilling Arcane Gems slot. Set inside a treasure box, this slot will make you forget about everything else with only one thing in mind… the 5,625x your stake multiplier!

With a treasure map next to the box and loads of sparkling gems waiting to perform their magical ritual while the wins add up, you are in for an absolute treat. Watch as the Arcane Lock Mechanics and Arcane Multipliers all come together to get you a nice payday!

Feel the Mystery Set In

The action will take place on the 5 reels and 9 paylines in front of you and it is all courtesy of Quickspin. There is definitely a mysterious vibe in the room and the 3D graphics adds to the experience and so does the wooden table and the rest of the props.

A box full of gems does not sound like a bad thing to have and when they come with a bit of magic, we are all in. There are four different gems in there and the highly sought after blue diamond which is the highest valued symbol. Shocking! If you’re looking for a wild or a scatter you can stop right now as there are none. However, this game does not need any.


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Unlock the Two Thrilling Features

Any win in the base game will give you a respin with the winning symbols staying in position. Keep landing more of them and you will get another respin after the other. Your wins will trigger the Arcane Lock Mechanic feature which is the reason behind your respins and multipliers.

It takes a full reel of gems in order to activate the Arcane Multipliers feature and when you do, a random multiplier of between 2x to 5x for that particular reel will be applied and added to your final win amount. Watch as the multipliers add up the more winning symbols you land and if you fill up all of them you can get a nice 25x boost.

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Blue Diamond Monster Payout

As mentioned, it’s the blue diamond that is the highest valued symbol. If you plan on filling the entire board with one symbol, make sure to pick this one. This is the only way you can get the maximum 5,625x your stake payout.

Wait, There Is More If You Want It

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